Guide to the boroughs of New York: The five faces of the city

New York consists of five boroughs, five districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Each of them has its own personality and visiting them during a city trip means truly experiencing the spirit of the metropolis.

In this post I want to talk to you about them, tell you who they are and what they have to offer: from the Empire State Building to Prospect Park, so that you can orient yourself to the best, then choosing based on the time available to you and your preferences.


New York

Manhattan needs very few presentations. It is the most famous borough of the city and is often identified with the entire metropolis. It is home to the Empire State Building and Central Park, Times Square, and Wall Street. When we say “I go to New York”, we often only stay between its borders.

There are so many things to do and see in Manhattan, and it’s probably impossible to create a definitive guide. The places of interest are many and one more famous than the other, the choice is yours.


New York

Brooklyn has a thousand different personalities. The residential and historic Brooklyn Heights, the alternative of Dumbo, the lively Williamsburg and the artistic Bushwick, just to name a few. If the travel days are sufficient, you must absolutely insert it in your itinerary, perhaps arriving on foot from Manhattan along the famous bridge.

Speaking of bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge also arrives in Brooklyn, famous for appearing in the film Once Upon a Time in America by Sergio Leone. There are also museums of national importance, green lungs like Prospect Park, colorful street art works and places where you can taste excellent brunches. From the Brooklyn Heights Promenade you can also enjoy a wonderful view of all of Manhattan where you can give vent to your photographer skills.

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New York

Queens is the largest borough in New York and houses within its borders the two main airports of the city: JFK and LaGuardia. It is a real multicultural area, with over 150 different nationalities.

The Long Island City area houses the tallest skyscraper in the city after those in Manhattan, the One Court Square. The lively neighborhood of Jamaica, on the other hand, is famous for its music and for having seen the first verses of the rapper 50 Cent.

If you reach the areas of Flushinge Corona, do not miss the Flushing Meadows Corona Park which houses one of the symbols of Queens: the Unisphere, the world’s largest steel globe. For athletes, a destination not to be missed is Citi Field, the stadium of the New York Mets baseball team.


New York

It is located north of Manhattan and, separated from it by the Harlem River, is the only one to be completely on land. It has never enjoyed a good reputation and is therefore often ignored by travelers reaching the Big Apple. In reality, however, today many of the areas have been redeveloped.

The Bronx boasts many places of interest, such as the largest zoo in the United States, The New York Botanical Garden and the very popular Yankee Stadium. It is the home of the Yankees baseball team, which together with the Mets, represent the city in the Major League.

Staten Island

New York

Staten Island is perhaps the less well-known borough of New York, because the island is primarily residential, with large green spaces and lots of homes. It is connected to Brooklyn by the Verrazzano Bridge and to Manhattan by the Staten Island Ferry, the yellow ferry that crosses the bay.

The sites of interest are not many, but still interesting. There are, for example, the Staten Island Museum, the Snub Harbor Cultural Center or The Staten Island September 11 Memorial. If you want to take a trip through time, the key stop is the historic village of Richmond.

We are then working on a great project. The Landfill Fresh Kills has been a landfill for over fifty years and has also welcomed the remains of the Twin Towers in 2001. It will soon be transformed into the largest green area in New York, even surpassing Central Park. When it comes to rebirth.

Now that you have discovered something more about the New York boroughs, from which would you like to start your visit to the city? Have a good trip!

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