When to book your flight and hotel to travel cheaper?

You can save a lot of money on your trips by booking at the right time. We tell you how much in advance you should book your short and long distance flights, as well as accommodation, to get the best price and travel the cheapest.

If you thought it was too late to book your summer trip this year, think twice: sometimes booking well in advance is not the same as finding the cheapest flight and hotel price.

It is true that booking your trip at the right time can be a huge saving, but first it does not have to be better. In some destinations it is better to book with less time.

travel cheaperTravel search engine used data analysis to find the ideal time to book flights and accommodation if you travel, and this is what they discovered:

  • Short distance flights: If you want to travel to a destination close to as a general rule, the ideal advance is between 1 and 2 months. In the case, for example, booking just a few weeks before is a saving of 38%. Apparently, for many of these short-haul flights the most expensive prices are found when booking at least 5 months in advance. Of course, this does not apply to all destinations: in the case of Berlin and Prague, the ideal advance varies between 4 and 10 months.
  • Long-distance flights: If you want to cross to the other side of the pond, it is best to book between 7 and 9 months in advance. There are two exceptions: Los Angeles and Miami; in the first case you can save 36% of the money by booking with just one month in advance, and in the second 24% by booking with 3 months. Of course, never book more than 10 months in advance, you will find the highest prices.
  • Accommodation: In 9 of the 10 long-haul destinations, found that it was best to book the accommodation at short notice, between 1 and 2 months. In the case of short distance destinations, it is less clear: the period recommended by the search engine ranges between 1 and 10 months.

First of all: if you want to save no trips on the weekend, flying during the week you can save up to 72% of money, reveals the search engine.

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