The 12 best cities in the world where to shop

Do you want to know which are the best cities in the world where to shop? Well, a study by CNN, a famous American television broadcaster, reveals us in which places to go shopping to the fullest.

The study is based on 4 criteria each of which has been assigned a score ranging from 0 to 10. If you are also therefore of the “shopping addicted” this ranking you absolutely must not miss it. The criteria are divided as follows …

  1. Getting Around: This criterion prizes the ease of moving around the city and the cost of transportation to move from one shop to another.
  2. Value: The average price of each product compared to other cities.
  3. Variety: Availability and number of brands and stores.
  4. Experience: The beauty of the city, the store and the friendliness of the staff.

But now let’s move on to our ranking …

1. New York, United States

best city to shop

The Big Apple wins the podium of this ranking. In New York you can really find everything from vintage, to the most technological electronics, up to the most prestigious fashion brands. The only drawback is perhaps a little the price of the products, although lower than many European cities but from 5th Avenue to Chinatown you can really find everything.

2. Tokyo, Japan

best city to shop

The Japanese capital is the fourth most economic city in all Asia for shopping, but if you are interested in bringing home a lot of clothing at home forget about dinners and restaurants, under the point of view Tokyo services instead is among the most expensive in the world.

3. London, United Kingdom

best city to shop

Certainly could not miss the queen of European capitals for shopping. We have written a shopping guide to London, even if the prices of its huge stores will almost make you cry, there is no other city in the world that has the style and appeal in terms of shopping like London.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

best city to shop

In this great Asian metropolis there are as many as 3 of the 10 largest shopping centers in the world, but if you still do not convince the charm of Kuala Lumpur because perhaps it does not have the same magic of London, just think that it is also one of the cheaper cities in the world for shopping.

5. Paris, France

best city to shop

Paris is another great European fashion capital, everything you can buy here will be elegant and chic. The price tag is very high. But at least you can get inspired and fly to another of these 12 cities to buy the same things, right?

6. Hong Kong

best city to shop

Shopping is one of the main attractions of Hong Kong: It’s a good place for fashion, electronics, watches and jewelry. But beware of prices, unlike what you can think of in Asian cities, this is very expensive.

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7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

best city to shop

This is definitely a fantastic place to buy leather goods and footwear. Argentina also has a thriving fashion industry that is getting more and more space with its prestigious brands from us in Europe, but buying here has the advantage of having very competitive prices.

8. Vienna, Austria

best city to shop

We could not miss the magical city of Princess Sissi, famous for its fashionable shops and for the great friendliness of the staff. The only downside is the opening hours, sometimes even just after sunset you might risk finding a shop already closed.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

best city to shop

Dubai, the land of sheikhs and oil millionaires who have made luxury shopping worldwide symbol, between shopping centers and shops of a thousand and one nights. But that’s not all, here once a year the International Shopping Festival is held with discounts of up to 70% and events that will make you literally go crazy.

10. Madrid, Spain

best city to shop

According to the Globe Shopper Index, Madrid is the third best city in Europe to go shopping because of its low prices and the constant custom of putting discounts every year of the year called “Rebajas”, where you can really do business.

11. Milan, Italy

best city to shop

In our beautiful Milan you will find the most glamorous and chic shops in the world (remember: Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana are all born here). Precisely for this reason it is one of the “fashion capitals”, everything you will find here will be exclusive items that you will hardly find in other places. The only downside is the very high price, even more expensive than London in some high fashion Atelier.

12. Seoul, South Korea

best city to shop

A real bargain for local products really cheap, but stay away from ‘buying foreign brands because in addition to having disproportionate prices also tend to be counterfeited. A council, in Seoul as the price is low, all shops must accept credit cards by law, often shopkeepers deny tourists this right to accept cash, as the rate of tax evasion is very high in this country.

Do you agree with this ranking? Where would you go shopping unrestrained?

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