You Deserve a New Swim Suit for That Winter Getaway

After countless trips to the mall to find the perfect swim suit for your trip to the beach or winter tropical getaway, how many times have you come to the same conclusion? Brick and mortar retailers are failing to provide an adequate selection of clothing for curvy girls!

For decades, the fact has remained that plus-size women in the fashion and design world are underrepresented. Voluptuous ladies are desperate to find retailers that have more in stock than the same tired matronly black one piece, especially during the swim suit off seasons. According to Courtney Reagan at CNBC, recent studies have shown that the average American woman is a size 14. Obviously this is not represented by the fashion industry, by designers, or by retail selection. The needs of plus-size women aren’t met at traditional department stores. Online retailers are taking advantage of this previously untapped market and rising to the occasion!

Because of online swim suit venders, plus-size shoppers can find retailers that cater specifically and even exclusively to their body types. One advantage to these sites is that they allow you to measure your own bust, waist and hips and then order a custom swim suit rather than chancing a 12 that runs small or a 14 that runs large.

Ordering online gives you more control over sizing than you could dream of having at a department store. Some online retailers such as swimsuitsforall even have personalized body type calculators which allow you to find out your body type (not just your size) and then shop accordingly. Another huge advantage is selection, as online stores offer a much wider selection in order to fit everyone’s unique taste.

For a girl with confidence to spare and fashion on the mind, many online retailers have plus-size bikinis that are very flattering on the buxom gals! High-waisted bikinis tend to really accentuate the curves, provide just the right amount of coverage, and make a very fashion forward splash! Many of the swim suits designed specifically for plus size women feature underwire in the tops, which allows for much more support without sacrificing style! These swim suits have your back (but more importantly, your front) covered. Stop by to learn how you can get a swimsuit for any occasion without ever leaving home — in the style and colour that suits your body.

Another great plus-size style is the tankini, which tends to offer more coverage than even the high-waisted bikinis while still looking breezy and trendy. Online retailers stock one-piece suits, tankinis, and swim dresses all year long, even during the offseason. You never know when a winter dip in the hottub or a surprise trip to the Bahamas might come up, and online retailers like swimsuitsforall allow you to be prepared any time of year.

Though sizing has changed drastically in America over the years, a size 8 dress today is the equivalent of a size 16 in 1958 (or so reports Christopher Ingraham ofThe Washington Post), and online retailers are making it a non-issue for plus size women. Flying in the face of decades of fashion trends, online plus-size retailers are making it easier than ever to shop comfortably and to make a progressive fashion statement. So to find trendy, sexy, and plus size swim suits with all those floral, tropical and geometric patterns that are all the rage, trek no farther than your computer chair.

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