Reinvents Nike running shoe with LunarEpic Flyknit

Nike has just released to market a somewhat different to what we are used shoe. As you can see, cutting the material of the shoe is completely homogeneous and up to the ankle. The appearance of the Flyknit LunerEpic is similar to a sock with sole.

The sole and midsole also draws attention, it looks like a cushion and be comfortable enough to give stride. Of course, a shoe that has wanted to go a step further and innovate in the field of running.

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit
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Characteristics and price Nike Flyknit LunarEpic

Putting the shoe is the closest thing to put a sock, as we have boys Runner’s World, who has had the opportunity to try them. Also new is the feeling of being surrounded and subject the ankle tissue, unlike being surrounded by a sort of padding on the rest of slippers.

With this model, Nike claims that the shoe is as integrated as possible to our foot. In fact, it is not necessary to tie the account over the shoelaces to notice that the shoe is fully adjusted to our foot.

This type of design also facilitates provide lightness to the shoe and be made ​​of one piece. Of course, the fabric is breathable, although the adjustment halfway up the ankle can be somewhat more awkward at times like the summer where heat is let notice.

The cushioning system that has is based on the lines of the midsole, which serve as spring to curb the impact of the stride. And the sole it aims to facilitate the transition between heel and toe, as Nike says in its promotional videos.

This is precisely what I do not understand the shoe. It is assumed that everything suggests that the impact of the stride should be done with the midfoot. Nike continues in this aspect anchored in the technique of entering heel. Besides having the sole one drop of 8.5 mm, something that other brands are recoiling, tending towards the minimum drop of a “natural” run.

Our view on this shoe and twist that Nike has given

In my opinion, and with the point against not having tried the shoe, I think Nike succeeds in giving back to the world of running shoes homogenizing the material cut and up to the ankle with that kind of sock. Feelings can be very good when it comes to running, having a more integrated shoe on our foot.

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However, I think he has no right to make a shoe with such a big drop. Yes, the feeling to step must be to be on a cloud. However, that facilitate the transition foot heel, I think it should be more focused on stepping on the midfoot and take advantage of that tread to the toes.

Regarding the price, you can have an idea, it is the high – end Nike: $175 on the official website. Of course, a treat for runners. We have already told here that running shoes $50 can run perfectly, but the design innovations and brands must be paid.

Of course, we should try to see what sensations have to run with this type of shoe. However, it seems to be a very comfortable shoe when stepping, at least it shows the size of the sole and drop, something that can go against the stability and response. What do you think about this new model of shoe?

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