Versace and the Future of the Fashion Model

The world of fashion looks set to change if top designer Donatella Versace has her way. The retail model of the future could see the introduction of a ‘see-now, buy-now’ model that does away with fashion and runway shows and allows customers to buy new designs as soon as they are made.

According to seasoned designer and head of the Versace label Donatella Versace, the fashion world is a very different place to what it was when she started working with her brother Gianni in the mid-70s. And these changes, such as the effect of social media and the internet, are viewed sceptically by many of the established names in fashion, who see the old ways collapsing and the fashion world changing for the worse. Donatella, however, has a different idea. She considers today’s fashion world as being a more exciting time than ever before.

See-Now, Buy-Now

The ‘see-now, buy-now’ model allows customers to buy new designs as soon as they as they are designed and made, rather than waiting till the start of the next season after seeing them at a show. Versace has already embraced this model, as it changed the retail structure of its Versus Label to accommodate the concept in 2014. According to Donatella, this model gratifies the designer as much as the customer. Presumably this is because they enjoy greater, and instant, exposure through social media. The designer also gets to gauge public opinion fast and enjoys the instantaneous pleasure of seeing people get excited about their new designs as they come out. This more direct relationship between designer and wearer is welcomed by many.

Versace and the Future of the Fashion Model

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Versace is a luxury Italian design house which is famous for the iconic dresses it produces that are worn by big name celebrities. In particular, they are famous for their line of denim, which is loved the world over for its iconic Italian styling and quality. Buying designer jeans, however, is no longer as expensive as it once was, with fashionistas able to buy reduced designer men’s and womens jeans from retailers such as

The world of fashion is always changing, but a change to the traditional fashion show model to a see-now, buy-now model would make a marked change in the way fashion retails in the future.

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