Tapp Lock: Padlock with fingerprint sensor you want to forget the use of keys

The peculiar case of the digital sensors, which for several years appeared in our lives to integrate various devices, but in the beginning the experience left much to be desired. Over time the technology is perfected and today we have different devices that make use of it in an efficient manner.

But now know an interesting implementation of the objects that carry several decades with us, we refer to the locks, whom we have seen developments that seek to leverage the use of technology to make them safer and easier to use, well, that’s the idea of their creators, and that early experiences have not been entirely satisfactory.

Tapp Lock
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Remote operation and waterproof

A few years ago met Noke, a lock of the opponent’s Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for operation; then appeared PhiLock, another connected to the smartphone lock that allowed us to rent bikes. But now with TappLock we see a different bet, using the smartphone as a complement and not as the centerpiece.

TappLock is currently a campaign to funding Indiegogo, and its main feature is that fail using one FPC 1020 sensor, the same as using the Huawei Mate 7 this as a tool for authentication instead of the traditional keys.

It comes in two models, a version that integrates large one (replaceable) 1200 mAh battery, which according to its creators provides a range of up to three years and is able to serve as an external battery to charge your smartphone. While the Lite version decreases its weight, size and range to six months, plus it has no support for external battery.

In both cases, the design features a waterproof and shock, the fingerprint sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing us through an app provide access to other users and is compatible with up to 100 tracks, within this app can restrict and configure access to other users either by time, days or periods. Its creators state that unlocking takes just 0.8 seconds and in addition to this, there is an audible alarm if someone tries to break it.

Just four days after the campaign started, have already managed to surpass the goal of $ 40,000 initially they asked to jump-start the project. If you wish to become a TappLock, the larger version is priced at $ 49, while the Lite costs $ 29, in both cases it is limited to the first to support the campaign, and later will increase prices. Shipments are worldwide and are scheduled for September 2016.

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