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Explore the Champion Hoodie Size Chart

Champion hoodies are a wardrobe staple athletes, students, and fashionistas love. With its iconic “C” logo and range of colors, a Champion hoodie is the perfect top for style and comfort. However, finding the right size Champion hoodie can be tricky. Sizing varies across styles and fit types.

In this complete guide, we will explore everything related to Champion hoodie sizing. You’ll learn how these cozy sweatshirts are meant to fit, how to measure yourself, champion hoodie size chart for men’s, women’s, and kids’ styles, and tips for finding your ideal size. Let’s dive in!

How Are Champion Hoodies Meant to Fit?

Everything You Should Know About Champion Sweatshirts

The first step in finding your perfect Champion hoodie size is understanding the brand’s signature fit. Champion designs their hoodies to be roomy and cozy without looking sloppy. The fabrics have enough stretch to allow you to move freely.

  • Hoodies are meant to fit loose but not overly baggy.
  • The sleeves are designed to hit around mid-forearm.
  • Champion hoodies should reach the hip area or slightly below.
  • Most styles are made to fit true to size.

Keep this intended relaxed fit in mind when selecting your hoodie size. You want something spacious but not huge. Later we will go over how to measure yourself to find the size that achieves this ideal roomy but flattering look.

Measuring Yourself For Champion Hoodies

Custom Champion® Reverse Weave® Hooded Sweatshirt -

Since Champion hoodies come in standard numerical sizes, you must take body measurements to find your best fit. Here are the steps:

1. Measure Your Chest

This is the most important measurement for finding your hoodie size. Stand with your arms slightly out to the sides. Place the measuring tape under your armpits and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest and back. Exhale normally and measure just tight enough that the tape stays in place.

2. Measure Your Hip

Measure around the widest part of your hips and rear. Keep the tape level all the way around your body.

3. Measure Your Arm Length

Start at the center of the back of your neck. Run the tape along the underside of your arm all the way to the wrist bone. For the most accurate fit, measure your dominant arm as the one you use most often is usually slightly longer.

4. Measure Your Height

Lastly, measure your height from the floor to the top of your head while standing straight against a wall.

Once you have all four measurements, you can easily use Champion’s size charts to find your perfect hoodie fit.

Champion Hoodie Size Chart

Champion - Size Chart - Women

Use your chest measurement to determine your Champion men’s hoodie size. Compare it to this size chart:

Size Chest Width
XS 34-36 inches
S 36-38 inches
M 39-41 inches
L 42-44 inches
XL 45-47 inches
2XL 48-50 inches
3XL 51-53 inches
4XL 54-56 inches

Most of Champion’s men’s hoodies fit according to standard sizing. So a 40-inch chest would fall into a size medium.

However, some hoodies come in numeric sizes like S-6XL. In those cases, here are the chest measurements for each numeric champion hoodie size chart:

Size Chest Width
S 38 inches
M 40 inches
L 42 inches
XL 44 inches
2XL 46 inches
3XL 48 inches
4XL 50 inches
5XL 52 inches
6XL 54 inches

If you land between sizes, consider sizing up for a roomier fit. Champion men’s hoodies are designed to fit loosely while still looking neat.

Champion Women’s Hoodie Size Chart

For women’s Champion hoodies, use the chest measurement to find your size on this chart:

Size Chest Width
XS 30-32 inches
S 32-35 inches
M 36-38 inches
L 39-42 inches
XL 43-46 inches
2XL 47-49 inches

The brand’s women’s sizes run similarly to standard size charts. A 34-inch chest would typically fit a small.

Some Champion women’s hoodies come in numbered sizes like XS-3XL. Here are those sizes by chest measurement:

Size Chest Width
XS 32 inches
S 34 inches
M 36 inches
L 38 inches
XL 40 inches
2XL 42 inches
3XL 44 inches

Again, size up if you’re between sizes for that signature roomy feel. Champion women’s hoodies drape slightly over curves for a flattering look.

Champion Kids Hoodie Size Chart

Choosing the right Champion hoodie size for children uses height and age as the main factors. Here are the standard sizes for boys and girls:

Boys Champion Hoodie Sizes

Size Age Range Height Range
XS 2-4 years 33-38 inches
S 4-6 years 38-43 inches
M 6-8 years 43-48 inches
L 10-12 years 48-53 inches
XL 14-16 years 53-58 inches

Girls Champion Hoodie Sizes

Size Age Range Height Range
XS 2-4 years 33-38 inches
S 4-6 years 38-43 inches
M 6-8 years 43-48 inches
L 10-12 years 48-53 inches
XL 14-16 years 53-58 inches

Use your child’s age as a starting point and refine based on their height. Kids grow rapidly so be sure to remeasure them before each season. Champion kids’ hoodies are designed to be roomy with longer arms and torsos.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Fit

How To Measure Yourself and Find Your Perfect Fit - YouTube

Keep these extra tips in mind when selecting your Champion hoodie size:

  • After washing, hoodies shrink slightly, about 5-10% of their size. Buy a size up if you plan to machine dry.
  • Women between sizes may prefer sizing down for a less roomy look.
  • Men who lift weights or have broad chests often size up 1-2 sizes.
  • Slimmer athletic builds look best in the regular relaxed fit instead of sizing down.
  • If concerned about sleeve length, check your arm measurement against a hoodie in that size.
  • Try on in-store when possible to get an accurate feel of the right size.
  • Reference customer reviews with fit tips and size feedback.
  • Adjustable drawstrings help get the perfect hip and neck fit.

With the right size Champion hoodie chosen using these tips, you’ll stay cozy and look great! The iconic Champion style looks flattering across body types when you choose the accurate size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size hoodie should I get if I’m between sizes?

If your measurements land squarely between two Champion sizes, it’s best to size up to the larger size. Their hoodies are designed for a roomy, cozy fit with enough room to layer underneath. The slight extra room for sizing up will prevent the top from feeling too tight or binding.

Should I order my normal t-shirt size in Champion hoodies?

Not necessarily. Champion hoodies often fit a little more generously than a t-shirt of the same size. It’s best to take your chest, hip, arm, and height measurements and compare them to Champion’s size charts instead of guessing your hoodie size based on a tee.

How much do Champion hoodies shrink?

If machine wash dried, Champion hoodies can shrink up to 10% in size. Some also experience about 5% shrinking after air drying. Choosing a size up from your measurements can help offset this fabric shrinkage over time. You can also wash in cold water and line dry to reduce shrinking.

What size hoodie should I get if I prefer an oversized look?

For an intentionally roomy, oversized look in a Champion hoodie, both men and women should size up at least one but often two sizes larger than their measurements. So if your chest measures 36 inches, normally a men’s small, size up to a men’s large or extra large hoodie for that fashionably baggy fit.

Should I order a bigger hoodie if I plan to layer underneath?

Yes, buying a Champion hoodie size larger than your measurements is smart if you plan to wear thick layers underneath. Hoodies that are your normal size may become too tight and restrictive when worn over bulkier tops or jackets. Size up one for room to layer a sweater or sweatshirt underneath your hoodie comfortably.

Finding Your Champion Hoodie Size Made Simple

While Champion hoodie sizing can seem tricky, this complete guide simplifies the process. Follow these steps:

  1. Measure your chest, hip, arm length, and height using a soft measuring tape.
  2. Compare your chest size to the brand’s size charts for men, women, or kids.
  3. Consider sizing up if you are between sizes or you want an oversized look.
  4. Use your arm and torso lengths to refine the fit.
  5. Check out customer reviews for extra sizing tips.

Choosing the most flattering Champion hoodie takes a bit of size sleuthing. But with the help of size charts and your own measurements, you can achieve that perfect cozy fit. Champion’s roomy signature style looks great when dialing the right hoodie size. Show off your athletic physique or head to class in comfort with the Champion hoodie sizing tricks this guide provides.

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