Opel Astra 1.5D 122 CV: The secret is in the efficiency!

Opel has realized that efficiency and reducing emissions is essential in today’s automotive market. For this reason, in this test of the Opel Astra 1.5D 122 CV we will see a restyling in which, above all, new aluminum and three-cylinder engines have been mounted that can improve efficiency by up to 21 percent. And at this time there will be no electrified engines, but the entire Opel range, in 2024, will have at least a 100% electric or plug-in hybrid model, which gives an idea of its commitment to this theme.

And waiting for the arrival of the Astra of 2022, in this very slight changes are observed both in its body and in the cabin. For example, the front has a new grille and bumpers as well as new Intellilux Led matrix headlights that have 8 segments per headlight and can be individually illuminated. At its rear, there are new deflectors and you will no longer see the anagrams of the different engines.

Inside the cabin of the Opel Astra, you will find higher perceived quality, especially thanks to the new upholstery, watches with an 8-inch central screen or ergonomic AGR seats that can now also be massaged and heated or refrigerated. Of course, the entire infotainment system has been revised and, in addition, you can optionally mount it with a wireless induction charger for your Smartphone.

Opel Astra 1.5D 122 CV: Decisive but somewhat lazy

All engines of the new Opel Astra 2020 comply with the Euro 6d standard. Among the new three-cylinder gasoline mechanics, a 1.2 Turbo block will be available with three powers: 110, 130 and 145 CV all with six-speed manual transmission and a 1.4 turbo with 145 CV (yes, the same as the more powerful 1.2T ), but in this case only available with a CVT automatic transmission and 7 preset ratios.

Among the diesels, the new 1.5 block will also be three-cylinder and will be available with either 105 or 122 bhp. Both will be associated with a manual transmission, while the most powerful will also have an option for an automatic gearbox per torque converter and 9-speed, that is, 3 more than the previous six-speed and called AT6.

But we are already going with the test of the Opel Astra 1.5D 122 CV, which has been developed in the surroundings of Salamanca and in which we have been able to drive the most powerful diesel engine together with the new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

It has only been a little more than an hour of driving, but in this short period of time, I have been able to verify the refinement that this mechanics exhibits despite having only three cylinders and in which, by default, the sound and vibration level it is usually higher than that shown by this 1.5D block.

But just as I have noticed its refinement, I have also noticed its laziness. And that despite having a turbo that should give you more joy. It is difficult for him to gain speed and he is slow in accelerations and recoveries, but, at least, the fast gearbox manages to alleviate this situation somewhat and ensure that you do not despair when you need to increase speed faster than normal.

Regarding the chassis, the same one that its predecessor mounts, it continues with a very communicative direction and a suspension that is somewhat hard and that, although it holds this Astra in turns extremely well, will transfer more movements than desired to the entire passage on secondary roads, precisely the majority of routes where this test was developed.

New finishes and equipment for the Opel Astra 1.5D 122 CV

This tough rival for Golf, Volkswagen’s eternal compact, debuts two new versions, the GS Line and the Elegance, the first sportiest, the second most luxurious.

The GS Line will come standard with the Opel Eye front camera, Android Auto and Apple Car Play connectivity or ergonomic AGR seats. The Elegance additionally includes Intellilux matrix rings or connected navigation.

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