How to freeze Strawberries

How to freeze Strawberries

The strawberries are a fruit spring-summer, with the typical red color, sweet taste, loved by young and old. Strawberries enjoy some particularly beneficial effects for the body. They are in fact activators of the metabolism, are made up of 90% water they are indicated in low-calorie diets and favor the hydration of the body. » Read more

Make Sure your Reception Gives Visitors the Right Impression

The reception area is the face of your business and the first port of call for visitors, so making sure it looks its best is important. Here are some of the ways that you can make sure your reception area creates a good impression.

A reception area should be easy to access and take into account people with disabilities also. Make sure that you have signage that clearly states where the reception area is and directions for how to get there. Signs that point towards where visitors report to or if they need to ring a bell for example are also a good idea, as you don’t want visitors to get confused or lost! Comfortable seating is also something that a reception area should have – you can get quality reception chairs from places like Bestbuy-officechairs.

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Lighting is another important factor when you are creating a reception area. It is often overlooked but can be used in a variety of ways in the reception – from making a small room appear much larger, to highlighting specific areas such as the front desk. It can also be used do boost your branding, for example by lighting up a panel on the wall with the company logo on it.

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It is also important that your reception area is kept clean. As it is an area that has a lot of footfall, it can quickly become dirty and cluttered, so it is a good idea to have the reception regularly cleaned and tidied throughout the day.

Why we now love online and not the big store.

Go back just twenty to twenty five years ago and purchasing things via our computers was still seen as a risky business. The belief of shops and companies that ran them was that the large department store or the gigantic Mall would forever be the way that we the public would but things. This was especially true of clothes and if you wanted some designer stuff like Mish Mash Clothes then it was the town centre that you went to for it. However with the demise of Woolworths, House of Fraser and the continuing problems of Debenhams it seems that if we want those Mish Mash Clothes we are more inclined to go to to get them. Why has this happened?

In the first part it’s cheaper, or seems to be. There is no need to spend extra money on a bus ticket or have to use petrol and get a car parking space. It also reduces the chances of you getting a parking fine or having an accident. You do not have to face the crush of humans as you try and make your way across town. Whilst the social aspect is lost it actually gives you more time to meet friends elsewhere.

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It’s very likely that there will always be the option of shops. Many are now rebranding and rethinking their operations. Many offer events or the visit itself is actually a real experience rather than a chore. Shops themselves are looking to go online with their wares as well as having a physical presence. Given the current situation we find ourselves in then this rise of online is only bound to become “the new normal”.


Should You Combine Your Blog With Your Website?

Many businesses with an online presence want to develop their organic search growth. Some may have dedicated blogs that gain traffic and potential customers already, but not linked to their main website. Should you combine them to drive SEO growth for your business?

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What Is Your Business Strategy?

When hosting a blog on your business website, it is important to consider why it is there and what benefit it is bringing. Building a brand in a blog that attracts interest and converts customers takes commitment and a specific plan. Posts must be consistent, relevant to the target audience, and created to focus on key topics and keywords.

What Should Posts Contain?

Having a member of staff post a few thoughts here and there will not bring the results you may hope for. A blog post optimised to rank high on search engines should have:

– A minimum of 1,000 words.
– Meta descriptions for SEO
– Optimised headline using keywords
– Posted to multiple social media accounts
– Graphics or engaging content for sharing

The best growth comes from providing content that answers questions or needs that potential customers may have. By responding to customer needs and questions, such as the content posted on this business’s blog, your business establishes trust, credibility, and attracts customers that are looking for your specific expertise.

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When creating a blog that brings potential customers to your business, it is then easier to provide a call-to-action for your services, a target email list, or towards chosen products. Every post should be tied to a specific action that benefits the business.

What Can Go Wrong?

You may have tried hosting a blog on your business website before and found that it did not have the results you wished for. There can be several reasons for this, such as:

– Failing to name the blog in keeping with the domain of the existing website
– No keyword strategy
– Not using website analytics to understand where visitors are coming from, how they find the blog, and what they are reading
– Failing to link from blog posts to pages within the business website

Creating quality, targeted content through a blog can absolutely benefit an established business website in organic search engine rankings. However, it is important to create a strategy for how it is used and the content created.

Relationship breakdown and property

When two people in a relationship choose to buy a property together, they hope it is the start of a long and happy life together. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fairy tale and many relationships will eventually break down. Whether married or not, split ups can become messy and emotional, especially when children are involved. The last thing you need at this time is stress over shares in the family property.

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This is why certain legal documents are so important. If you bought a house as tenants in common or as unequal contributors, you would needed to have signed a Deed of Trust. This is document designed to protect all parties involved in the buying of a property by clearing setting out the terms of the purchase and the share of equity. It is designed to provide peace of mind and security in case of events like a relationship break down. For information on Deed of Trust, visit a site like Sam Conveyancing.

If you are experiencing a reluctance by an ex-partner to stick to the arrangements made in the Deed of Trust, the first important thing to do is check with your solicitor exactly what is stated in the declaration. Your ex-partner might benefit from being sent a copy of the document to remind them of their obligations, particularly if they say they wish to ignore. As a legally binding document, it cannot simply be ignored.

Deed of trust

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You might wish to consider instructing an independent solicitor and not use the solicitor who drew up the deed for you both initially. They may feel conflicted as they were acting for you both.

How fashion and coding are related

EJ Menswear was created to provide customers with solid options when browsing for high quality clothes. Mens designer tshirts are one of their particularly popular categories. This was recognised by the employees running the page and encourages them to continue to source more options within this category for their customers. Many tools are used by the employees of online fashion retailers in order to determine which products are most popular. These tools are often available online for purchase or subscription. The number of purchases for each item can be seen using these digital tools, and so can the number of page views. These statistics are analysed by specialists and used by buyers when acquiring new products.

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These technological advances are a far cry from what fashion retailers had access to a couple of decades ago. These advances have created the need for more tech-based jobs and training as these feed into every business which has an online presence. This vastly changes the educational landscape and has given birth to many online programs which encourages people from all backgrounds, especially women, to learn to code. Coding may seem daunting to many people who have limited IT skills, but helpful online resources are increasing rapidly. These resources are recommended to many people looking to expand their skillset. They can be used to create websites needed by e-commerce businesses including fashion retailers.

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5 things to do in Prague at night

Prague at night

The Bohemian capital of entertainment is full of alternatives: here’s what to do in Prague at night

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is famous for its castle, its bridges over the Vltava River, the Astronomical Clock, and the Dancing House. If you are visiting for a weekend or a couple of days, we have already written a list of tips here. At night, however, this city can be even more surprising. Here is a list of 5 things to do at night in Prague that tries to please both party animals and pub lovers.

5 things to do in Prague at night

5.Cross Club

It is located on the outskirt of Prague both a restaurant and a pub/disco. From the eccentric installations that are noticed even before entering, even inside it maintains character and personality. Pieces of gears, wood, and metals welcome you and then transport you into the atmosphere of this place. From the outdoor tables and benches, located on various levels, it is possible to observe this whimsical place. The ballrooms on the lower and upper floors have a modern and industrial design. The venue offers various genres of music, from Heavy Metal to techno, you just have to find the right piano for your musical tastes.

4.Comix GalleryPrague at night

Bar in the Alternatiff Area is an underground pub in the center of Prague. The walls and tables are like (dirty) canvases that can be customized. The rooms can be reached on the lower floor. Low-priced beer creates the best conditions to spend a pleasant evening with friends.

3.Hemingway Bar

in the center of Prague, is an elegant bar, with a slightly retro flavor, which promises to make you feel pampered by the skilled hands of the friendly bartenders. This small bar from the 30s, also recommended by the locals themselves, offers original cocktails in an intimate atmosphere.

2.AbsintheriePrague at night

It is a small museum of absinthe, offers the opportunity to taste this liqueur alone or in specialty cocktails. Located in the center of Prague, the bar is refined and welcoming. The waiters will be able to advise you which cocktail to try according to your tastes.

1.Mecca Club PraguePrague at night

for club lovers are one of the trendiest nightclubs of the moment in Prague, it has hosted several international DJs in recent years such as Bob Sinclair, Jaydee, and Tiesto.

In addition, the Letna Park Skate Park is worth a visit in the spring and summer days. Especially at sunset, if you organize yourself by buying some beers in the bar below, you can see the setting of the sun perched on the wall overlooking the city center. The view from above allows you to observe the Vltava River and its bridges as the twilight advances. For skateboarders, it is possible to train on this small terrace overlooking the central district of Prague

Solar System Design

Are you planning to build a new home with solar power installed or install solar power on an existing structure? As you design your solar power system New Jersey, there are a few things you should know and plan for.


First, you need to determine your goals. For example, how much power do you hope to gain from your solar system? How much do you hope to reduce your energy bill? What type of system do you want: roof, ground or pole-installed? You will also need to determine how much you want to invest in your system.


Solar systems require sun exposure. Therefore, you need to place your system in an area without close buildings or vegetation that will shade the panels. In addition, your orientation should be south to south west to gain the greatest amount of solar energy. Your panels may also be tilted 30-50 degrees, so you will have to determine what location allows for this tilt.


You may choose to place your panels on your roof. However, a structural engineer should check your roof structure to make sure it can hold the load. In addition, if your roof tilt angle is greater or less than the desired panel tilt, you may lose some of the energy capacity of your panels.

Your inverters must also be placed carefully. For example, they can be installed either inside our outside, but the area should have adequate ventilation. If your equipment will be placed outside, make sure the area is shaded. Choose this location carefully because it will determine the electrical connection distance.


Your solar panel system may be connected to the electrical grid. This can be done at your electrical panel or utility meter. Your solar system should be on the same building as these two systems to reduce your connection and installation costs.

Consider connecting your solar system to the internet for easy monitoring.

How to Keep Your Roof Functional During Winter

Over 5 million new roofs are installed in the United States every year. Whether the roof on your home is new or a few years old, keeping it in good working order should be your main concern. During the winter months, your roof will be exposed to severe weather and low temperatures. If your roof is not properly maintained, you will have a number of repair issues to deal with.

Rather than waiting until your roof is in a state of disarray to take action, you need to invest in preventative maintenance. Below are some things you can do to keep your home’s roof functional this winter.

Inspect and Clean Your Gutters

Thoroughly inspecting your roof is the only way to see where problems exist. As you inspect this part of your home, be sure to take a close look at your gutter system. If your gutters are filled with debris, it will be difficult for them to drain properly. When water is allowed to linger in your gutter system, it can cause flooding issues.

This is why hiring companies that specialize in roof repairs Chesapeake VA to clean the gutters is important. As they clean your gutters, these professionals will inspect them to see if any other issues need to be addressed. With this professional maintenance, you can keep your gutter system functional and damage-free.

Replace Damaged Shingles

You also need to look for missing or damaged shingles when inspecting your roof. Leaving these problems in place will result in serious leaks over time. An experienced roofing contractor will have no problem fixing your shingle problems before they cause too much damage.

Ideally, you want to hire a roofing contractor with a great deal of previous experience. By researching the contractors in your area, you should have no problem getting the right one hired.

Christmas nails: ideas for holiday nail art

Christmas nails

Ideas for nails with decorations and designs for Christmas and New Year. Beautiful, refined, trendy: bring the magic to your hands with these unmissable inspirations!

Celebrating Christmas is more magical if you do it with a Christmas nail art. In-gel, semi-permanent, glossy, matte, with or without adhesives, Christmas nails are a nice and original way to give your festive look an edge. » Read more

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