Accessories for the bride

Accessories for the bride

Gloves, jewelry, hat and bag: tips and tricks for choosing the bride’s accessories.

Only after choosing the dress, the hairstyle, the shoes and the underwear, a bride who wants to be perfect will take care to pay due attention also to the accessories that will frame her figure on the most beautiful day of all. Gloves, hats, jewelry and, why not, bags and clutches! » Read more

Getting married on Friday? 8 benefits you can’t miss

Getting married

Although Saturday is still the most demanded day to say, “yes, I accept”, there are also many couples who exchange alliances on a Friday, as it is an equally good option. Don’t miss out on all the benefits of getting married this day!

Treating yourself “yes, I want” on Friday is an excellent option. So if you are looking for a date for your wedding invitation, you may want to consider the ones that fall on that day. They will have free all weekend, which will allow them to extend the celebration as much as they want and to share more time with family and friends. In addition, they will have more possibilities when choosing, be it dates, places or different providers. This is the case of the professional photographer, the DJ who will set the scene for his first dance or the launch of the bridal bouquet, the wedding car or the stylist who will make you that fantastic wedding hairstyle, for example. Some reasons that justify that more and more couples decide to get married on a Friday. Do you want to discover many more?

1. More possibilities when choosing

This is one of the main advantages of celebrating the link on Friday. And it is that, being a less demanded day, they will have more free spaces for both the ceremony and the celebration. Besides, as we told you at the beginning, it will be easier for you to hire the suppliers you like for the chosen date, since there will not be as many requests for that day. And perhaps they can benefit from some kind of discount or offer, such as a personalized flower decoration for weddings and perfect for your wedding theme.

2. They do not usually coincide with other weddings

By choosing Friday as the day of celebration, they are more than likely the only wedding banquet that the provider has that day, so the treatment will be much more personalized and the atmosphere more intimate and calm than if they opt for a Saturday. And it will be much easier not to coincide with other weddings or commitments that your loved ones may have.

3. A party that lengthens

One of the biggest advantages that they will have if they get married on Friday is that no guest will be in a hurry to leave, since they will have all weekend to recover from the party. No one will want to leave, so choose comfortable shoes for the party.

In anticipation of a long night of fun, and beyond the traditional desserts, do not hesitate to hire a wedding candy table with delicious options so that nobody loses energy. They can be from cupcakes, cookies and brownies to donuts, meringues and assorted sweets, but also  fruit and chocolate fondues, for example.

So guests can regain strength in the middle of the night and continue to give everything on the dance floor to the sound of that fantastic musical selection that made for the occasion.

4. They will start their married life in a relaxed way

Relaxed and calm, because they can get up without haste and do everything they have planned, such as spending the first day of marriage preparing the suitcases for the honeymoon or finalizing details. It can be updating your wedding website.

5. They will have the whole weekend ahead

Getting married on Friday leaves you free all weekend to do whatever you want. For example, after lengthening the party to the maximum, they can sleep as much as they want or recover after spending the whole night dancing non-stop or even from the possible hangover!

6. They can hold a small wedding

In the same way that post-wedding photo shoots have become popular, in which they can once again show off their bridal outfits and portray them after B day, the fact of getting married on Friday allows them to extend the celebration until the next day . In this way, they can share with family and friends who want a fantastic brunch or a pleasant meal all together.

Therefore, on Saturday they will be able to do a round- the- clock with the most intimate to discuss the most exciting aspects of the party. Something that will be especially practical if they have all slept together in the same hotel, for example. No one will want their magical wedding date to end!

Do you want to go a little further? Extend the celebration all weekend! There is no better way to start your married life than surrounded by loved ones. It is clear that all are advantages!

7. Your guests will accompany you on such a special date

Choose the date you choose for your big day, what is clear is that your loved ones will not fail you. Perhaps someone has had to ask for the day off to be able to accompany you, but don’t doubt that those who received your original wedding invitations  will be looking forward to sharing with you such a special day on the calendar. What really matters is being together, not on any day of the week.

8.  What about people who come from outside?

Depending on the miles away, loved ones who may have to travel to accompany them on their wedding may need to take the day of the vacation link. However, it is also true that they will not have to leave the day after the celebration with a few hours of rest.

In addition, since when they get up it will still be Saturday, they will be able to do tourism around the city or community where they chose to say “yes, I want to”. Join them, take the opportunity to show them emblematic places and take them to eat tasty recipes typical of their land. On Sunday, they can go home quietly.

Convinced of all the benefits of getting married on Friday? They are many and most varied! Also, remember that the essential does not change, such as the impatient waiting of the fiancé until the arrival of the love of his life, the magic and romanticism that will surround the day or the assured fun that the final party will offer, surrounded by those who received their invitations wedding dresses  and perfectly decked out for the occasion, wearing their best suits and party dresses. Everyone present will thank you and you, who will be ready to leave for that fantastic honeymoon, too.

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Which wedding rings to choose?

wedding rings

The rings accompany the most important moments of your life, they exalt them, and over time, they will be witnesses of promises and sincere feelings.

Maybe you never thought about it. Maybe you are not a romantic type but would like to do something special to crown your love story and you don’t know how to do it. Yet you know that you don’t like being the same as everyone else, that’s why you always try to put your personal touch in all your choices, how you dress, where you go on vacation, what you read, how you want other people to see you.

Just look for the opportunity to express yourself and you would like the ring, the symbol of your love, to be unique and special.

The engagement ring

The handing over of the engagement ring is one of the most intense and delicate moments of life: it is the moment of the Promise that two people make a commitment to each other and no one for that moment wants any ring.

Tradition has it that man is the one who donates the ring to his girlfriend but now nothing is taken for granted or immutable. Many men create the magic moment and decide to choose the ring together with their woman.

wedding rings

The wedding rings

Wedding rings are the concrete sign of love and mutual fidelity. They are the rings that probably accompany you throughout your life, they have engraved the name of the person you married and with whom you will live all the adventures of the new family.

Who should give wedding rings as gifts? There are different traditions in the world, very often they are the witnesses of the couple who offer to give the rings as gifts. For example, in the USA there is a tradition of giving the engagement ring together with the wedding ring, which is kept intact until the wedding day. Once married, they are welded together with the solitaire. The two rings become inseparable!

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Symbolic and ethical importance of the rings

The rings are very important objects that accompany the most important moments of your life, they exalt them, and over time, they will be witnesses of promises and sincere feelings. This is why the rings are so important for those who choose and wear them.

More and more people now choose special rings for themselves and for the person they love, handmade by hand, because they feel the desire to carry on their hands an object made with passion and work and not simply a catalog item, maybe beautiful but maybe a somewhat anonymous and cold.

However, only a few choose to have a personalized ring made. They are people who love to take care of the person they love and the gift they want to give them. They are not satisfied with choosing from a catalog, but they dream of creating an object that witnesses their feelings with metals and precious stones.

They want to devote time to the design of the ring, embellish it with details of their love story and accompany the artist in the realization of the object which will then shine forever on the hand of the person to whom one loves.

More and more people want their own ring with an ethical diamond (or more than one), whose provenance is certified, to have a guarantee that workers have not been exploited for their extraction (ethical diamond rings).

If you are reading these few lines, you are probably trying to understand what your style is even when choosing a ring. You can choose a ring that you have proposed in some store, that you have seen in some magazine or movie, or that you have noticed on the hand of other people.

Now you know that if you want you can also choose to have a ring that comes from some detail of your love story, which is created by the hands of an artist just for you and that will be a unique piece in the world.

It’s up to you then: what ring does your love story deserve?

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10 things guests expect there at your wedding


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Furniture rental for events, a great choice

Furniture rental

Emotion, tension and happiness are some of the many feelings that intermingle on our wedding day, that moment when remonstrant marriage with the person who has shown us his unconditional love. To prepare for this event so magical we give some tips for the decoration of this event a success and where you will be able to carry out the rent chairs and tables for catering holiday.

The bridal decoration plays a key role in determining the tone of the party and the image that show each and every one of our guests to the wedding celebration. » Read more

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