Which Sweatshirt Colours Are on Trend?

In 2021 everyone is looking for vibrancy, hope and a new beginning. We have all had a hard year or so due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is time to look to the future. This is reflected in clothing as much as it is anywhere else, and this mood has had a terrific impact on designers for this season, which has therefore influenced what colours are on trend. Here are the most on-trend sweatshirt colours for this season.

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This is the colour of hope, and you will see if everywhere this season. Wear bright yellow if you want to stand out from the crowd, but a muted, mustard or pale yellow are great options and popular in mens Barbour sweatshirts. They will make sure you stay on trend without drawing too much attention to yourself.

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This is a wonderful colour as we head towards autumn. It is the colour of the fading sun and the changing leaves, but it is still a warm and hopeful colour. It suggests that you don’t mind wearing something a little different and extremely trendy. This colour suggests that you love excitement and living life to the full.


This is another colour that seems to be everywhere this season. It offers a renewed energy and is a symbol of growth and rebirth as well as peace and tranquillity. This colour suggests love and loyalty, so wear it if you want to encourage these attributes in yourself and others.


Grey is always going to be a popular colour for mens Barbour sweatshirts, and it is the colour most often seen on men on the street, in bars or watching the game. This colour will make you feel safe and comfortable. You won’t stand out from the pack if you are wearing it, but at least you know that the colour will never go off trend.


Everyone loves black because it goes with everything. It is a muted shade, but if you wear it with a bright-coloured jacket or light jeans you will not look too sombre. This is another colour that will never go out of style, so wear it with pride.

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