You’re late for the operation bikini for this summer. But get moving and do some exercise moderately but steadily in your hand. Maybe now you do and you want to start measuring seriously all your activity each day. Or become passionate about the data in each sport you do. In all these cases, there is a common denominator: the wearable activity meter.

With a catalog of quantifier’s wearables that continues to grow and devices, without being exclusively activity meters have that capability in the specification, choosing a bracelet quantifying each day is a more complicated task.

Why choose an activity meter?

More than three years ago live a quantized life. And I told him of my experience and after all this time keep the basis of my belief that a gauge of activity can help you be more active in your day to day.

Marcarte virtually a goal and have adequate technology to measure this activity, activate reminders or have an application a good record both steps, calories or even sleep is something to be welcomed. Not a quantifier to be more active is necessary, but many users can help them take that final step and finally get the motivation without technology not just achieved.

Among the possibilities that gives us a gauge of activity are the power to create a program and monitoring weight loss, compete with other friends or acquaintances, and manage more efficiently our sleep and rest.

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Quantifiers activity: What you should look into them?

Price not only live a quantifier. If your only goal is to start measuring your daily activity in the form of steps and perhaps sleep might be a good option to think about buying the most affordable. But eventually you will begin to miss other functions or software level and smartphone application more complete.

Among the considerations that have to evaluate before choosing a quantifier would first specialization and comfort. Be clear what your goal is with the meter of physical activity. If you want a model that allows you to receive notifications as a smartwatch or one that measures heart rate, or perhaps the least look like it is a quantifier, there is already a significant discard models with these priorities.

The issue of comfort is another key to choose quantifier. Note that a gauge of activity’ll take all the time, maybe even when you sleep. That is comfortable, not notice you’re wearing is fundamental. And if you really want to never take it off, thanks to some Never forget, look good the water resistance (unless splash support for the shower). There are even models that allow exchange belts depending on the type of activity or use you want to give every moment to the quantizer.

Paragraph of autonomy is perhaps the most important for a successful experience with a quantifier. If you need to recharge every two days, it is quite likely to end up in a drawer or forgotten someday making consistency in carrying the Activity Meter to track data go to waste. Attentive also to the charging system because in many models owns and forget or lose the charger is not far – fetched.

Although every day there are fewer incompatibilities between operating systems or connectivity, check carefully that your usual smartphone can synchronize all the time thanks to BT 4.0 . If you have an older smartphone might be a problem.

Finally, and although you opt for a model with a screen that serves you watch (it is not as obvious point that you can end up convincing) or gossiping at all times your progress, do not underestimate the application or who is behind the data it will collect your activity meter. Those collected data join the experience and not remain mere numbers will have much of the success or failure of your experience with an activity meter.

Four years ago in the market, just we had a couple of really relevant quantifiers equipment. But in 2013 came the boom of different models and since last year the quantity, quality and options to choose is overwhelming.

It is very difficult if not impossible with the current offer cannot find a model that fits so pretty accurate to what you seek in a quantifier wearable. But there is still no perfect model.

Queen bracelets cheap activity is undoubtedly Xiaomi. Its first models bulldozed and placed the company in the top3 of manufacturers more such devices sold.

Its new model MiBand2 improvement in almost everything but also raises its price: best design, OLED screen or resistance to water and dirt.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Activity Meters carefully design, specialized and also very cheap. The type bracelet cheaper and balanced we can get is the Misfit Flash, without display but with everything you need to measure daily activity, including sleep. A bonus is that the sensor can be removed to be placed in the shoe, and is waterproof.

Misfit Flash

Jawbone not going through its best moment but for years has made some of the best quantifiers. And they have the best application. One of its quantifiers, the Jawbone Up Move is the cheapest you can find and clip type is an option for those who want to measure mainly light exercise sessions and not all of your day.

Move up

The king of quantifiers, Fitbit, finally has a model that combines almost everything we asked a balanced model where the first is comfort, excellent performance and a good application that continues to improve. The Fitbit High formatted Watch with bands that can exchange and a valid but much improved display when it comes to light it touches.

Fitbit High

Pebble has definitely gone quantification Health and its functionality can use many of its clocks to measure steps, sleep or calories. The model Pebble Time is not overly expensive and we have everything you have always given us these watches with electronic ink display but with more features.

Pebble Time

A different option and that comes from a manufacturer that is surprising is the vívomove of Garmin. Here we are looking at a clock classic design but with sensors that make it a complete quantifier.

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Garmin vívomove

Classical design and good features and application are the main weapons of the second generation of one of the basic bracelets that have most seen on the street. The Polar Loop 2 is not based only on the steps to determine if you have done your target activity or not, and uses algorithms from its extensive experience in the sports world.

Polar Loop 2

The most original quantifier is the Geeksme GME1. It not noted for its design or finish, but to measure all activity, including sexual or our ecological footprint, make it an option as different.

GeeksMe GME1

Barometer, altimeter … the number of sensors that are not GPS that includes Microsoft Band 2 ** ** place it on top technological level of our comparative. Another thing is that you can take advantage.

Microsoft Band 2

If you want to make quantification is very specialized in certain sports, but do not want to get sports watches, you probably need a particular model. Luckily there are a couple of options specializing in specific activities and not simple to measure sensors and global bracelets.

The specific sports that ask a specialization we have first to swimming. Here the king is the Misfit Shine Speedo, a meter that besides being able to use it without problem in the pool, it is responsible for quantifying calories, distance and even counts the number of long with ease.

Speedo Misfit Shine

Since going to the gym is another activity that we will want to quantify, not just in treadmill but in appliances or weight, Beats has decided to be a gauge of activity focused on that particular point.


If specialization not want it to be as concrete but that measure better than other classical models which not only walk or run, the Moov Now is the most complete, with concrete programs to quantify boxing, cycling, swimming or fitness.

Moov Now

If you are willing to spend over 150 dollars in a quantifier a range of fairly extensive possibilities and access to more complete models and in some cases it opens almost closer to a smartwatch or sports watch than a simple quantifier.

These models include screen that really can be considered as such, more interaction with notifications and warnings from the smartphone, GPS and ability to measure our pulse.

The wide range of advanced meters Fitbit activity, the Blaze, its latest model, is the most groundbreaking. Smartwatch – like, power everything good in the simplest models with a large color and style can customize the screen with different straps.

Fitbit Blaze

Halfway also between smartwatch and quantifier is the recent Samsung GearFit 2. The Koreans have substantially improved the first generation and have thrown directly to a large potential market with a far – fetched and with the appeal of an interface based on Tizen price.

GearFit 2

The most traditional sports brands have made a foray into the field of quantifiers with ranges fitness watches. The TomTom Spark is one of the best representatives, betting daily quantification but mostly specialized in running. There are different models, with or without heart rate monitor as well as one to listen to music without take the smartphone.

Spark TomTom Cardio

Garmin offers within its range of sports bracelets a model of the complex. Designed for outdoor use and all the sports development and service level Garmin, find little more complete search.

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