What car to buy if you want Android or Apple Auto carplay?

One of the most interesting level interface connected car struggles is taking place in the connected car. After several generations that the manufacturers have tried to establish their own entertainment systems, Google and Apple with their respective systems Android Auto and carplay, are called to be the final winners.

In this 2016, it is set to hit the big online catalog and cars compatible with Android Auto and / or Apple carplay, but already there is a significant number of brands that make up one or two systems in some of their models. Let’s see what cars Android Auto and Apple carplay I can buy today…

Android Auto and carplay, the great battle in the car online

While both Android Auto and Apple carplay were presented in 2014, really until the following year we did not start to see some much-selected models that made these platforms. In this 2016, it is expected that the bulk of models of major brands and reach their entertainment systems and communication ready to choose one or both systems.

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What I can do with Android Auto?

Introduced in 2014, Android Auto is connected car system proposed by Google and promoted by the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). This system advances over previous and no longer limited to duplicate an Android application but the system is fully adapted.

To use it we first need the system of our vehicle support it, and secondly a smartphone with at least Android 5.0. So we must go to the Android Auto application, perform an initial configuration and from that moment, the smartphone will be the take control of car entertainment system.

Android Auto in the current strength compose Google Maps, fully adapted to driving, and Google Now, that glass interface to offer through card, the information that the interpreter system is adequate and safe show the driver. Another advantage of Android Auto is the number of compatible applications and designed for Android Auto, including Spotify. For now, you need to connect by USB cable to the system.

What I can do with Apple carplay?

Also in 2014, Apple presented in society its system carplay to bring the use of smartphone screens integrated systems from different manufacturers. The operation is simple and straightforward Android Auto. No previous configuration and USB cable after connecting with the iPhone (at least iPhone 5) and have a fully adapted to the car system interface.

Carplay strengths it is that the interface is very intuitive and straightforward, with few steps down menus and very solid integration with physical and system controls steering wheel. Siri also works smoothly, but in return have, compatibility very limited applications, and where we can just highlight Spotify or audio Overcast level. Nothing messaging beyond the native IOS messages, nor Google Maps.

While both Android Auto and Apple carplay are called to dominate, the car market connected sooner rather than later, the most widespread system is MirrorLink, capable of carrying both applications Android as iOS, but only compatible and adapted individually. It is therefore the most versatile and both Android Wear platforms as carplay often go her hand.

Carplay and models that integrate both Android Auto

Although there is some brand that maintains a “unique” with a system, logic has been imposed and system upgrades connectivity and entertainment systems accept both cars alike. Most commonly, it will therefore meet models that depending on whether you connect an Android smartphone or iPhone, we can use Android Auto or carplay respectively.

The most common (and logic market trend) is that the current entertainment systems and connectivity are upgraded and equally support both android auto as carplay…

Asian car brands such as Hyundai, Honda or Toyota for now do not offer models compatible with Android or Apple Auto carplay, but it is likely that before the end of the year start arriving early models.

Kia Niro, Optimal and Sportswagon

Who did that happen has confirmed that this has been Kia. The manufacturer has detailed models over the next 18 months will be compatible with Android Auto and carplay.

It is scheduled to arrive later this year the new hybrid crossover Kia Niro, the Optima Hybrid Plug-in and Sportswagon. The arrival will be staggered: first Android Auto at the time of release and later, in late 2016, may be used carplay.

Another company remains 100% faithful to your own system is Renault, which now relies on R-Link 2. In addition, in the case of BMW, although it has already announced that it will join Apple carplay soon, there is still no such possibility in any current model.

The other major German manufacturer Opel, yes that already has its first models compatible with both systems. Are the Opel Astra and Opel Corsa, which come with multimedia system IntelliLink R 4.0 in their most current versions?

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Opel Astra

New lighter design and space that is more interior. The Opel Astra 2015 has been designed from scratch including the engine, with power of between 105 and 200 hp without exceeding 1.6 liters. At the technological level highlights the OnStar system, LED headlamps IntelliLux systems and numerous driver assistance and active safety.

Opel Corsa

Good finish and feel that driving a car a higher level. The new Opel Corsa is spacious and suitable for four people and, for that shooting dimensions beyond what we expect in a utility.

One of the most Dumps automotive groups connectivity combined with Android Auto and Apple carplay is Volkswagen. Both Audi and Seat or the matrix itself offers many of the cars available with both systems.

Audi A4

Bigger, powerful and with interesting technologies as its fully digital instrument box on a screen over 12 inches behind the wheel, LED headlamps or the sound of Bang & Olufsen. Audio in the new A4 have an auxiliary port and two USB interface underperform the Audi smartphone system. With it, support Android Auto and Apple carplay is ensured.

Seat Ibiza

The last Seat Ibiza currently be purchased is available in three body styles, including LED daytime running headlights and new generation engines, both petrol and diesel. All engines include Start / Stop.

Seat Leon

The new version, the basic model is available, does not leave out the LED headlights, rear view camera or technologies driving assistance as the recognition signal or parking attendant. It also includes the Star / Stop system.

The two other Seat models that are already fully compatible with both Android Auto and Apple carplay are the Seat Toledo and the Seat Alhambra, with 7 seats and barely changed from the previous generation.

Recently presented at MWC 2016 last, Ford will have a number of models ready for Android Auto and carplay the middle of this year. The models that come from summer with Sync 3 will be the Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy. For later the company announced the new Kuga, also with Sync 3.

Ford S Max 2015

With its new front and in line with the rest of the range of Ford, the S Max 2015 has improved interior materials, more comfortable, as well as incorporating a scorecard and completely digital information.

The brand more support Android Auto and Apple carplay is Volkswagen. Its reference model is the new Touran, we could try at Engadget, as well as the Passat and Sharan, but you can also choose the new Car-Net Polo, Beetle, Tiguan and Scirocco.

Volkswagen Touran

The new Touran is larger than the versions we knew so far but however, improved aerodynamics, has improved over previous versions behavior. Consumption can be adjusted up to 4.1 liters, with Star & Stop system and energy recovery technology under braking. The 5-seater model is segment leader for luggage capacity, almost 750 liters.

Volkswagen Passat

The new generation Passat, which premieres platform, and takes a few months on the market, with configurations of engines between 120 hp and 280 hp diesel fuel.LED headlamps or numerous advanced systems such as traffic jams wizard among its technological features.

To have advanced systems like Apple and Android carplay Car Auto without changing the best option is to upgrade the navigation system and multimedia. The most complete and with support for both teams connected systems are those of Pioneer. There are two configurations available.

Car models only with Apple carplay

Brands whose systems for now only integrate native support for Apple carplay are mainly Peugeot and Citroen. In both cases, the Mirror Screen systems, in addition to Apple carplay, MirrorLink up the system, but not Android Auto. We can connect compatible Android terminals but only use certain applications individually.

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Peugeot 108 and 208

The two small new models of the French brand are the first to integrate Mirror Screen, for which the necessary touch screen 7 inches. Here we can have both Apple carplay as MirrorLink. The most advanced is the 208, small model of the B series of Peugeot with automatic braking system in the city and consumption from 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

The other reference French manufacturer, Citroen, follows a similar strategy and has both models under the brand like Citroen DS carplay compatible with both series and through packages. The condition is that cars have touch screen 7-inch compatible with Mirror Screen.

Citroën DS3

The most urban of the DS Citroen has a new fully compatible with carplay model series. Its headlights combine the power of xenon and customization of LED modules. The car, which boasts five comfortable seats, leads, city emergency braking, and advanced active safety systems in road.

Mercedes Class A

Another classic brand that now limits their options to carplay and in some cases MirrorLink is Mercedes. The reference model of the new system of the German mark, which arrives this 2016, is the Class A.

This series can be configured with including Hight Performance LED headlamps, dynamic lighting and exclusivity of the different lines of finishes.

Volvo XC90

Swedish Volvo and integrate the Sensus Connect system have updated the top model of the range, the XC90, with support for Apple carplay. The other details of the XC90 words are unnecessary.

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