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Emotion, tension and happiness are some of the many feelings that intermingle on our wedding day, that moment when remonstrant marriage with the person who has shown us his unconditional love. To prepare for this event so magical we give some tips for the decoration of this event a success and where you will be able to carry out the rent chairs and tables for catering holiday.

The bridal decoration plays a key role in determining the tone of the party and the image that show each and every one of our guests to the wedding celebration.

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The importance of such actions has been gaining in recent years, it has led to the launch of new professional profiles, among which include the wedding planners, responsible for organizing all aspects of the wedding ceremony and following all when the interests of the couple, either in terms of location, theme wedding, chromatic tones, music or banquet.

The critical economic situation has led many of us opt for the trend of “do it yourself”, which already plays an important role in areas such as fashion or decoration.

Apart from all these aspects, one of the first questions you have to decide is whether you want your wedding to be held outdoors or indoors, a fact that greatly influence the rest of decisions you should take. Today, the themed weddings are of great importance in society, whether centered on the beach, a vintage style, in the mountains or fantastic, including details that remind us fairy tales or science fiction movies.

Keys to your wedding furniture

As for color ranges are often combined two colors to create a contrast. You must not forget that details make the difference and if you want to make this day really special, you have to pay attention to the little things that make the wedding celebration you were expecting. In this sense, the furniture plays an essential role we should not overlook and whose distribution function can get one style or another. Therefore, the rent chairs and tables for weddings and other furniture are extremely important.

In this sense, if for example you want to get a wedding design, it is best to play with lights and tables. An interesting proposal can be combined transparent chairs, back – lit bars, long tables all with a white hue as backdrop.

For the more romantic, we recommend you opt for pastel colors, pink tablecloths, verbena lights and candles. In order to give greater color intensity, you can opt for fuchsia, combined with any other shade of pink.

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The retro lovers find in vintage style weddings aforementioned the perfect environment to be the do want. To achieve this, it is best to get those pieces of antique dishes with refined, elegant and exquisite care prints and able to acquire at any antiquarian markets or specialized outlets. Alongside this jewel of celebration, do not forget to complete the decor with furnishings made of rustic chairs, accessories own libraries, blackboards, lamps and chandeliers or striped tablecloths. To achieve this atmosphere ad-hoc, it is best to choose colors pink, lilac, mint green.

Autumn is ideal for events in the middle of nature, but at the same time sheltered from the cold and weatherproofing. To do this, you can opt for a tent glazed with dream scenario consisting of dry trees leaves without flower round.

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You can also have on the table’s gramophones, popcorn carts or old mail boxes.

If, however, you opt for a more rustic wedding developed in the countryside, you can get with accessories as varied as straw bales, rustic tents, shower stalls and cages, table not too elaborate compounds of symbolic flowers like sunflowers or daisies bottles or cans zinc.

To get the furniture that can best suit your preferences and content of each wedding ceremony, we recommend you rely on the services of a company specialized in organizing events, where you can get your hands on the company furniture rental for catering and weddings as chairs, tables, linens, kitchenware, tableware, glassware and cutlery, not to mention their services for weddings, banquets, catering, festivals and shows, conferences and parades.

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