14 things that nobody tells you before buying your wedding dress

We know that it is one of the most stressful moments, we decided to tell you what no one is going to tell you but that you will appreciate knowing.

The day is coming when you will achieve your happy ending.

You want everything to be perfect, just as you have always dreamed.

But to achieve this you spend months organizing everything.

And maybe the most exciting (and stressful) part is getting the dress.

So we have compiled what no one is going to tell you but when the time comes you will appreciate knowing.

wedding dress

1. Buying the dress is emotionally draining

Even if the output is fun and not dramatic, you are still dealing with a lot of stress.

You feel that you are taking one of the most important decisions of your life. You want your family and friends to feel that their opinions are completely valid, which logically is difficult.

In addition to having to deal with the seller who is surely a love, but after all is trying to sell you a dress, whatever it is!

And on top of all this you have to think about not overbidding the budget.

Adding up everything is the ideal recipe for a drama cocktail.

2. Going to a store and not finding anything that you like is not a failure!

When you enter a wedding dress shop everyone will make you feel like that among all that white there is one that is ideal for you.

And even if you feel bad for having made your grandmother come to see you shrug your shoulders and fake a smile of emotion, if you do not find one that you like, cool!

Leaving a store without choosing a dress is normal.

3. You may not feel butterflies in your stomach when you find your dress

As long as you feel them for the boyfriend, nothing happens.

For some a dress just is not that exciting.

Sure, there are things that interest you more about the wedding, so we also help you with the best songs to open the dance.

4. You may find more than one perfect dress

For some finding two perfect dresses is a problem.

They do not know which of the two to choose.

Or worse, they are convinced that if they found those two dresses so perfect, there is sure to be an even better third.


If you found two perfect dresses, it’s just that. Two perfect dresses

Do not fantasize about an imaginary dress.

5. Unless your family has dressmakers, designers, stylists or something similar do not expect to receive strong advice and opinions about the dress.

In most cases they will not know how to express themselves.

Do not stress and do not be demanding, this is not the television program ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ (Say yes to the dress).

wedding dress

6. Give the chance even to the dresses that you do not like

Many times the dress looks horrible on the hook, but put could look completely different.

Especially if you have curves, the dress could look lifeless hanging.

Try it on! You’ve got nothing to lose.

7. There is a possibility that the dress that fits you is the one you had the most hope for

Yes, of course, it will be disappointing.

But what you should learn from this is that you have to eliminate everything you had preconceived from the dress and explore.

8. In fact, if you’re convinced that only one silhouette looks good on you, you could be self-sabotaging.

You do not always have to go safe.

Dare and try dresses with all kinds of silhouettes.

Maybe that you wanted to hide from your body looks better in another type of dress, and if you do not try it you will never know.

9. Do not get obsessed with finding the same dress in its most economical version.

The safest thing is that you will never find it and you will go mad looking for it.

And worse still, the perfect dress may have been in front of you but because you were looking for the other one, you passed over.

wedding dress

10. Try on the dress as is and how you will use it

In bridal gown shops you will see with heels (of the style you do not have), accessories and you will do the worst of all: see yourself standing on the pedestal.

If you only try on your dress in this way you will realize that you really were not that tall, slender and you will notice that the dress does not look like it did in the dressing room.

11. You can go see dresses alone, and sometimes it’s even better!

It is perfectly fine to leave the experience with your mom and friends for the next visit.

Nobody will tell you, but sometimes the best thing you can do is go to the store alone and make decisions based on your tastes without having to take into account the opinion of your friend who dresses badly.

And the best part is that you do not have to tell them!

12. Check how you look in all the angles of your dress.

Nothing more frustrating than receiving the photos of the big day and noticing that on the side you looked terrible.

But not only the dress is key. Have you already thought about the song with which you will premiere as a married woman? Here we leave you the top 10 of all time.

13. You will feel that you regret having bought that dress.

If you add the twenty or so dresses that you tried, plus the amount of time that passes between buying the dress, you receive it and you wear it, it is normal to regret having chosen that one.

And the worst thing is that once you get over it …

14. You will regret after the wedding to have worn that dress.

Well, you’re wrong.

You took the best decision when you chose the dress.

And do not worry, in twenty years that you are seeing the photos you will dream of being able to see yourself like that.

But if you did not really take personal affection to the dress, look here at the new trend of destroying wedding dresses.

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