Wedding Boutiques: How to organize the fitting of dresses correctly

Perhaps, the wedding dress is the first thing the girl thinks about when she receives an offer of a hand and a heart. And it is not surprising, because the bride’s attire is sure to be remembered by the groom and all guests, and will also set a certain tone of triumph.

Wedding BoutiquesHow to properly arrange the fitting of dresses to make it successful?

Of course, trying on a wedding dress is not the same as trying on other outfits. Here the bride feels a special responsibility, because the chosen dress “will be published” only once, so it’s important not to be mistaken. And if we take into account the pressure that relatives, friends, beloved and consultants of wedding salons have on poor girls (each has their own vision of beauty), then the search for a dream dress cannot be called light. We have collected everything that you need to remember before the first fitting, so that the agony of choice is not too exhausting.

Wedding Boutiques1) Better not buy a wedding dress online. It is known a lot of sad cases, when the outfits turned out to be completely different from those in the photo, they were delivered the next day after the wedding or did not reach the addressee at all.

2) Do not bring too many accompanying people to the salon. The more opinions you hear, the harder it will be to stay on one attire. It is better to take one or two people whom you trust, who will be honest and will not argue with your desires.

3) In order for the fitting process to take place without stress, it’s best not to take your children with you and leave a permanently calling office phone at home.

Wedding Boutiques4) Do not set yourself the task of immediately finding the “same dress.” No one hurries you (if the wedding is not tomorrow, of course), and it’s better to take a time-out and think about what to regret and pour tears over the wedding photos.

5) For this reason, do not delay the purchase of the order until the last – even if you have a few months left.

6) On the day of fitting, give up tonal means and bright make-up – all this will end up on the fitting dresses.

Wedding Boutiques7) Put on a comfortable laconic underwear, in which you will not feel uncomfortable during the fitting.

8) Determine in advance the budget that you are laying on the wedding dress. It is better to have it in mind and not even consider outfits that you will not be able to acquire.

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9) If you prefer some designers, start looking for a dress from the boutiques where these brands are sold.

10) Eat before the trip – fitting can be delayed, and an empty stomach will be an additional irritating factor.

Wedding Boutiques11) When choosing a dress, if possible, consider the wishes of the groom. After all, the main person who should remain delighted with your outfit is he.

12) If you plan to appear at a wedding with a high hairdo, grab a hairpin on the hairpin to remove the hair and assess how effectively the outfit looks exactly with that haircut.

13) Do not get hung up on one model of a dress that you thought about originally. Try and other styles, experiment with shades and trim – perhaps “by this dress” will be an outfit, which you and in your thoughts were not. In the end, when else will you have the opportunity to try on so many different wedding dresses?

Wedding Boutiques14) Trust the consultants of the wedding boutique: they have a lot of experience, they know all their outfits and will be able to tell which dress will best suit your image. But remember that the last word is still yours, and if you do not like something, you have every right to say “no.”

15) If you are planning to lose a few kilograms for the wedding day, inform the salon consultants in advance so that they correct your measurements.

16) Keep in mind the script of the wedding celebration: the outfit should fit in the format of the holiday, and appear on the beach party in Cinderella’s dress is not the best idea.

Wedding Boutiques17) Do you already know how high the heel will be at the wedding shoes? Try on clothes in shoes of the same height, so as not to lose with the length of the skirt.

18) If you are ready for some wedding accessories (for example, family jewelry), take them with you for fitting. Otherwise, complement the wedding dress accessories, which will be available in the boutique, to see the image in general.

19) Ask beforehand whether it is possible to be photographed in dresses. Look at yourself from the outside never hurts, and in all self-respecting salons you will meet and help make good shots, but some unscrupulous boutiques for some reason against the photo.

Wedding Boutiques20) If the selected outfit involves the absence of a bra, be sure to try it on without underwear to make sure that it sits well on you.

21) Do not forget that any wedding attire can be sewn, shortened or made into its design minimal changes. If you really liked the dress, but embarrassed the length of the sleeve or pearl buttons, ask the consultants if it can be fixed. Most of the boutiques have their own atelier.

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