Unique Ways to Carry Your Firearm

When you have gotten a concealed carry permit, then you may want to know the best spots around your body for carrying your gun without being noticeable. Here are some places besides your hip, where you can catch people off guard and possibly save lives.

In Your Back

Although sometimes seen as controversial, carrying on the small of your back is one of the most popular positions for concealed carry, as it is the most accessible besides your hip, and it is very good for hiding your weapon. You should take care of this region of your body if you conceal carry in your back often, as it can sometimes suffer from injury. Consider getting a holster to make carrying this way more comfortable and less susceptible to pain.

On Your Shoulder

One of the benefits of having a concealed shoulder holster is that your firearm is not in a place that is conventionally expected. However, you can still easily access it and use it in cases of self-defense. Additionally, there are many types of clothing that are designed specifically for carrying your firearm in this way, with hidden, secure pockets around your shoulder area.

Around Your Ankle

Another unconventional place to store your gun is around the ankle, either tucked into your shoe or boot, or even in a specially designed holster. This is a great option if you are wearing apparel that does not allow for you to carry your firearm without it being noticeable. This option is favored for formal events, especially by women, because you can easily cover your gun with a longer dress or formal wear.

It does not have to be a challenge to find a way to conceal carry your gun. With these options, you are guaranteed to find a method that is comfortable and safe.

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