Where we like to travel? So they shine at night the 10 most visited cities in the world

Hong Kong leads the ranking of cities that receive more international tourists with 27.8 million for the sixth consecutive year, which is followed by London (17.38) and Singapore (17.08), but the list drawn up by the company market research consultancy Euromonitor International recently showed that – based on data from 2014 includes 97 other cities around the world to complete the Top 100.

10 most visited cities in the world
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In the ranking based on figures collected by analysts from more than fifty countries, which take into account the arrivals at airports, information from national statistical offices, study groups, industry and other sources have cast the Spanish Barcelona – in the position 26 – and Madrid – in the 41 – but they are the classic Asian destinations and those who dominate the list: BangkokParisMacaoShenzhenNew YorkIstanbul and Kuala Lumpur. We present a dazzling dressed champions at night when also are spectacular.


The most visited in the world, with a total of 27.8 million tourists, is in the dizzying skyscrapers of Central District, the financial heart of the city, its most innovative expensive city.


Add Job 4 to 1 compared to last year’s ranking. It is the first European city on the list of Euromonitor International, a total of 17,280,000 tourists. This nocturnal image, night with London Bridge over the River Thames as one of its emblems architectural panorama.


The city ranks third in the ranking, with 17.08 million tourists, has in the Gardens by the Bay, the Bay Gardens one of his most famous pictures, where two giant greenhouses and raise the complex Marina Bay Sands.

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A total of 16,240,000 tourists in 2014 passed through the capital of Thailand. The view from restaurants or bars located on the roofs of skyscrapers is more to be trendy.


The French capital is ranked fifth in the ranking, with 14.98 million tourists. The spectacular building, the largest Parisian City Council of Europe, illuminated at dusk impresses the rooftops of the city.


Known as Las Vegas of China, Macao, on the southern coast and 70 kilometers from Hong Kong, it is a city of casinos, shopping and luxury. It was visited by 14.96 million tourists.


Ten million people in this city south of Guangdong province in China in 2014 totaled 13.12 million of the tourists who visited. Among its main tourist destinations and the Wutong Mountain Folk Village.


Broklyn Bridge, built in 1883 and scene of shooting hundreds of series and movies, is one of the world’s best known and most famous of New York, the city that 12.23 million tourists visited in 2014. At night looks great.


This Turkish city crossroads of East and West, with opulent mosques such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue-Mosque, bazaars, palaces and neighborhoods flavored received 11.87 million international tourists in 2014, moving up two places from last year.


The capital of Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers as an architectural symbol, the highest in the world until 2003, received 11.62 million tourists and ranks tenth in the list.

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