Where to stay in singapore

The choice of the area where to stay in Singapore must depend primarily on the reasons for the visit. The city is quite small and moving between the main areas is easy and relatively cheap.

Spending the night in Singapore is notoriously expensive, especially when compared to other major cities in the South East Asian area. There is no shortage of possibilities to contain costs but in general the choice of the hotel must take into account a set of factors that are illustrated below.

Staying in Singapore

The relatively small size and efficiency of Singapore’s public transport system make it unnecessary to find accommodation in the city center . Whatever the destinations of your sightseeing itineraries, as long as your hotel is conveniently close to a metro stop , you can get anywhere in a relatively short time.

In general, the value for money of accommodation in Singapore is satisfactory , especially for mid-range and high-end hotels. The sore point comes from the cost of hostels and cheap hotels , often excessive , sometimes exorbitant compared to the quality offered.

Below we present the areas and districts of Singapore where it is convenient to stay. Below is a list of hotels and accommodations with the best value for money.

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Finding your way around Singapore

Finding your way around Singapore is pretty simple. Most of the places of interest are concentrated in a limited area that goes just beyond the center.

Distances are not a problem but the heat, often oppressive, does not recommend long itineraries on foot.

The subway offers the easiest and cheapest way to get around Singapore. To orient yourself in the city it is therefore necessary first of all to identify the main places of interest in the center and establish their position with respect to the underground lines.

How much does it cost to stay in Singapore

While the rates of mid-range and high-end hotels are in line with those of major Asian cities, the cost of staying in hostels or budget hotels is higher than in major Asian cities (not only compared to those in Southeast Asia but also compared to cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo).

How much do you spend to stay overnight in Singapore ; (indicative numbers (per night, per room):

  • 20 – 30 euros to sleep in a good quality centrally located hostel
  • 80 – 100 euros to sleep in a cheap hotel of good quality and not in a central¬† ¬† location
  • 150 – 200 euros to sleep in a mid-range hotel in a semi-central location
  • from 200 euros to sleep in a mid-range hotel in a central location

Neighborhoods and areas to stay in Singapore

The choice of the neighborhood where to stay is essentially based on personal tastes and preferences. As long as you choose a hotel near a metro stop , you don’t need to stay downtown.

Those who want to spend the night can stay in the center (not far from the river) or, if you want to save money, in the Chinese quarter . The latter area presents excellent opportunities to stay in the central area at a reasonable cost. From the Chinese Quarter, Marina Bay and the center of Singapore can be reached on foot. The neighborhood is also home to numerous restaurants and night clubs.

If you don’t mind the expense, you will probably want to stay at the Marina Bay . It is home to some of Singapore’s most exclusive hotels. some historical, many modern, hyper-technological and opulent.


Very convenient to stay near Jalan Kebun (known as the colonial era “Orchard”), the main artery of a commercial district well connected to all parts of the city. In this area there are excellent mid-range accommodation facilities.

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