Five railroad museums for lovers of travel

For lovers of trains, there are some places of worship in which to enter the world of locomotives, wagons, routes and reviewers. A passionate and curious travel by this mode of transport, railway museums teach us anecdotes, stories and operation of a vehicle often used to move without stopping to think about their origins or the rich heritage involved.

But the trains have a long history, ancient steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains and some train travel show us unforgettable landscapes and interiors all passengers exclusive values. Today we stop at five museums Railroad for travel lovers.

Railroad museums
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We started by York in the UK, to dazzle with which it is considered the largest museum in the world and important railway, the National Railway Museum (cover photo). I would expect, given that we are in the cradle of the Industrial Revolution that favored the creation of the first

railroad through a great invention, the steam engine. The National Railway Museum in York 300 combines spectacular vehicles with more than one million objects that bring us closer to the history of British railways. Locomotives record, a replica of the famous “Rocket” or royal trains is some of your treasures.

In the pioneer of high-speed bullet trains their country, this means of transport has become a pillar of the Japanese economy and society since the first line between Tokyo and Yokohama opened in 1872. The Railway Museum of Saitama City (in the Omiya neighborhood, about 25 kilometers from Tokyo), is the largest in Japan and in it you can see the first locomotive coming to Japanese country from Britain, a huge diorama of a train or climb simulator railways. Indeed, this great museum is twinned with the National York just truth.

We moved to Istanbul, one of the most beautiful resorts in the world , to introduce us to the legendary Orient Express, or at least in the museum which was considered the most luxurious train in the world. Sirkeci Station received the last stop this train for many years, and now we can see vestiges of the splendid period in a small museum with objects of the time, the uniforms of the reviewers (and who lost a button on the famous novel by Agatha Christie) …

Then we got on the train of the Norwegian fjords because the trip on the Flåm Railway is not only considered one of the most beautiful in the world but can also boast the steepest railways. The pleasure of traveling through the fjords is hard to beat, but is complemented with the Flåm Railway Museum , where you learn more about this tour. A small documentation center on this marvel of engineering that can be seen in the Flåm station, the village in the municipality of Aurland.

We finished our tour the National Rail Museum in New Delhi, India. 40,000 square meters of exhibition in the outdoor part can travel comfortably, of course, in a small train. Among its outstanding pieces is the oldest steam engine in India or luxury sedan Welsh prince, both in the second half of the nineteenth century. If we are lucky we will see one of their breaks to the “Fairy Queen” or “Queen d fairies,” which occupies a place in the Guinness Book of Records because it is the oldest locomotive in the world that is still operational. It is a luxury train that dates from the time of British colonialism and that makes the journey from New Delhi to Alwar, in Rajasthan.

In these five railway museums for travel lovers have rediscovered a love for travel on rails, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, stations are a gem and treasures in the history of the train. Are not you looking forward to traveling by train?

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