Toys For Children 3-5 Years Buy Online

Children aged 3 to 5 love to play all day long, children who need to move, to be outdoors, to have fun in a carefree way, but also to discover the world and then make use of educational support that help in this venture. That’s why countless games for children of this age are available. Let’s go together to discover all the types of games available and their most important features (here instead the guide to toys for children aged 5 to 7 years).

Toys for children 3-5 years to do at home

The toys for children 3-5 years to do at home are perfect to play during the afternoons of rain or cold or when the sun goes down in winter and it is no longer possible then either to stay in the garden or at the playground in the neighborhood. These are games that can be done alone, but also in the company, so that children can have fun intensely even when they decide to bring home some of their friends or classmate.

Among the toys for children 3-5 years indoors we must definitely remember the dolls, much loved especially by girls. The dolls are used as if they were children in all respects: the girls then take care of them, do their bath, change the diaper, give the doll to eat with a bottle and also try to make her fall asleep. In addition to the classic baby dolls of this type, we must obviously remember the timeless Barbie. These are dolls that accompany the girls for many generations and never go out of fashion, always current and now available in glamorous versions and with countless accessories that make a truly endless fun possible. For the girls who love Barbie, the house is obviously inevitable.

We must then remember all the educational games for children 3-5 years that allow them to discover the world, science, history and all learning and imitation games such as the doctor’s or vet’s suitcase with all the accessories, such as the kitchen with crockery and pots of all kinds or the counter with tools. Obviously we cannot fail to mention the puzzles, the constructions and the manual activities such as plasticine, other games to do indoors that children of this age find really very funny.

Toys For Children 3-5 Years

Outdoor games for children 3-5 years

Children of this age love to be outdoors as much as possible and parents should encourage outdoor play as it allows them to move and feel much healthier. In addition to ball games for children 3-5 years, we must remember all the movement games such as the bicycle or the tricycle.

The classic tricycle and the bicycle are motor games for children 3-5 years very widespread, but in recent times it is spreading a very special type of bike, that is the bike without pedals. This is a bike specially designed to allow children to develop a sense of balance and unlike what you might think for them it’s also really fun. Among the movement games for children 3-5 years more interesting we must surely also remember the trampoline, to jump for hours and hours, and the skates. The best shoes are those in line that accompanies children during their progress, so you can help the little ones to discover the balance and learn how to use this fun tool to the fullest.

Among other outdoor games suitable for children of this age, we must also remember the electric car, available both in the sports version and in the jeep model ideal for any type of surface and for adventures really loaded with adrenaline, the scraper really working for children who love to work as if they were in a building site and finally the vehicles, always electric obviously, law enforcement, police and carabineer in particular, especially suitable for boys.

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Toys for children 3-5 years online

Where to buy games for children 3-5 years with an excellent relationship between quality and price? Quality can certainly be found in toy stores and in many supermarkets, as well as in stores dedicated to home and family, but not always in these stores you can have really attractive prices, often it is rather high prices. Not to mention that many models of the games you are looking for are not always available and therefore you may find yourself forced to settle.

Better then opt for the children’s ages 3 to 5 years online. In fact, online, especially on the big e-commerce of the likes of Amazon, you will find a range of models certainly much larger than that of the stores, very competitive prices and frequent offers that offer you the possibility to save heavily.

Children’s toys 3-5 years on Amazon also have an excellent assistance service: in case the game purchased is not in line with the product card or with the images, you will have the possibility to obtain the replacement or a refund. And do not forget the reviews and the service questions & answers so you can choose the perfect game for your children in a really very simple and fast.

Below we offer some short reviews of games that we think are simply wonderful for your children from 3 to 5 years, games that you can buy right on Amazon in a few simple clicks and that are suitable for spending pleasant time in the air open for long days at home.

Electric car for BMW X6 children

Toys For Children 3-5 Years

This electric machine is a game for children from 3 to 5 years simply perfect, suitable for both boys and girls and ideal for spending many hours outdoors in the maximum fun possible. It is a full-fledged BMW in white, with doors that really open and with two 12v engines. Thanks to these engines it is possible to obtain a minimum speed of 3 km / h and a maximum of 6 km / h. The children can drive it completely independently or they can be parents to do it using the appropriate remote control present. The parental remote control it is very important especially in the case of very young children, who cannot get to the pedal in an excellent way or who are not yet familiar with the maneuvers. Not only that, it is an excellent choice even in the case of very crowded places or that have too many obstacles. There are safety belts in order to guarantee your children the best protection possible. The headlamps really light up so you can play even when the sun goes down and the dashboard opens to hold all the treasures of your children. The car has two seats, so that the children can play together.

Smoby 7600360701 – Black & Decker bench with accessories

Toys For Children 3-5 Years The Black & Decker bench with 91 accessories is the ideal choice for hours of intense fun at home. Children can use the saw, the wrench, the screwdriver, the pliers, the hammer, the screws and even an electric drill to play adjust and build. And you do not have to believe that this is a game suitable only for boys!

Chicco Red Bullet

Toys For Children 3-5 Years The Chicco Red Bullet is the first bicycle for children, without pedals and wheels. Thanks to this structure, children have the opportunity to play and have fun, while at the same time developing a sense of balance. Thanks to the use of this bike, for children it will be much easier in the future to be able to switch to the classic bike with the pedals. The structure of the bike is made of very light metal, so that it is easy to handle for the little ones and safe, but at the same time robust and resistant. Both the handlebars and the saddle they are obviously adjustable in order to find your best position for your children. The saddle is also non-slip and the handlebar has rubber handles for a truly excellent grip: small details that make this bike even safer. The wheels are puncture-proof. We remind you that it is a model suitable for children up to 25 kg in weight. This Chicco bike model is available in both red and pink colors, in order to best meet the aesthetic needs of both boys and girls.

Barbie – The House of Malibu

Toys For Children 3-5 Years Barbie’s Malibu house can be re-closed, so as not to take up too much space when not in use. Once open it shows itself in all its beauty: three floors of the house, with classic rooms, a wonderful relaxation area directly on the roof, modern lines , very realistic details. With a dollhouse of this type, girls can play with their favorite Barbies all day long, encouraging creativity, imagination and the discovery of new adventures. All rooms are furnished with modern furniture and really full of charm and are present in every room colorful and fun decorations. Do you think that in the bedroom there is even the wardrobe of Barbie with everything you need to hang your clothes in fashion while in the living room you find the sofa and a lovely little table and a beautiful bath in the bathroom? There are also many accessories such as crockery, toiletries, headphones to listen to music and a tablet. All accessories have special spaces in which to insert them when the game ends, so you never lose them. The house of Malibu di Barbie also has an elevator to pick up Barbie on the various floors of the house and in the outdoor relaxation area you will also find a sun umbrella.

Inline skates Mattel of Barbie

Toys For Children 3-5 Years These inline Barbie skates can be adjusted according to the growth of your baby’s foot, so you do not have to replace them every time your foot gets longer. Not only that, they can also be adjusted according to skills your daughter: mode 1 in fact allows you to lock the wheels so that the child can walk with the skates and then learn to find the right balance; mode 2 allows the wheels to be turned only forward; Mode 3, suitable for the most experienced girls, allows instead to turn the wheels both forward and backward. As time passes, children have the opportunity to learn how to go on skates in the best possible way and can spend many hours in the open air playing and having fun.

Smoby Tractor Max, with pedals

Toys For Children 3-5 Years This Smoby loader pedal tractor is a perfect gift for children who love heavy work! It has a shovel articulated in the front and a scraper in the back, everything really working of course! Not only that, it also has a trailer so you can carry everything you need for your work. The tractor with blade also has a really working horn. The seat can be adjusted to find the best position for your children and the scraper also has a trestle that stabilizes it to ensure maximum safety.

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