KeyForge: A card game with unique and special decks

If we are about to enjoy a game called as incredible, creative, unique in the history of the Galaxy, it is KeyForge, the card game with unique decks and an innovative system that will leave you with your mouth open we tell you everything!

KeyForge is a game created by Richard Garfield, the well-known creator of the card game Magi c, Bunny Kingdom or King of Tokyo. Inspired by a universe of creatures and keys of mysterious vaults, we welcome a card game with a totally new and attractive system. KeyForge is a game that already exists in multiple language and the most anticipated card games that we can enjoy.


Keyforge returns to the attack by revolutionizing fanatics of card games. The last promise of Richard Garfield will not disappoint you because it is a very special game. For example, we started by saying that the decks of cards are sealed and unique … You will not find an equal deck in the whole World! The technology that uses is the Unique Deck System and this means that there is not even a possibility that you will get another equal deck. Well yes … a probability between approximately 3 billion almost nothing!

Another fact to keep in mind, is that the decks are marked so that they are not altered with the other cards. Therefore they will be unique games and you will have to know your cards well to apply your experience.


Regarding the objective of the new card game, the name has much to do and that is to earn Keyforge, you will have to take great care to be the first to forge three keys, which will open the hidden vaults of Cristol, the artificial world built from numerous pieces of planets. Only then will you win the game.

To forge these keys, we will have to win amber (each key needs 6 amber stones) that you can acquire by fighting with your cards and those of your opponent.


Types of Keyforge Game

There are two types of Keyforge, you will find the Keyforge Initial Set, a box with 4 decks of cards. Two of them are for beginners players (the Radiant Argus the Supreme and the Miss Ondice Censorius) and the other two are Archon, which is the same as cards for when you are fully prepared. Also available are the unique Keyforge decks, which would be a kind of expansion.

Keyforge is a card game for two people. The games are approximately 45 minutes and is a recommended game for over 14 years.

The Keyforge Universe

The Keyforge universe originates in Cristol, a fantastic place and a world built for the Archons or powerful beings that fight to unlock Vaults of the planet.

To play you have the deck of cards that are unique with their different combinations. To have a good game it will be necessary that you know your cards very well, interact and combine them in such a way that they can be extremely lethal.

To win the game, you’ll have to be quick and witty!

Cristol is composed of 7 houses, each of them has a unique history, culture and skills.

The two players have turns in the game. Lead your squad and use your own creatures, artifacts, technology and harvesting amber skills. Each game has 7 different phases. The objective is to stop the enemies and of course to forge the 3 keys to unlock Vaults.

You will have weakness to your opponent with all the tools you have but it is important that you have a balance and not only focus on that. Remember … Win the first to forge 3 keys!

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