10 Tips For Choosing Safe Toys At Christmas

Do not you have ideas for your gifts? Follow these tips to choose safe Christmas toys …

This period of the year is certainly one in which there is more talk in the purchase of toys and toys. In fact, Christmas is the party most awaited by children who in their letters signal their desires …

Precisely for this reason, today we point out 10 tips that provides to parents to help them in choosing safe toys.

Just follow them with a little attention and you will see that your children can play safely.

Safe Toys At Christmas
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Here are the 10 tips to choose safe toys, not just at Christmas …

1) When choosing a toy, always consider the age range indicated on the package, in particular the 0-3 symbol and the warning “not suitable for children under 36 months”, together with the indication of danger. Toys not suitable for the age of the child can be dangerous for their health

2) Always buy toys with the mark of conformity to standards, indicated by the CE mark. Even if the CE mark is not directly a guide for the consumer, it is nonetheless a sign that the manufacturer undertakes to meet all the safety standards, which are among the most stringent in the world

3) Always buy toys at retailers and trusted websites. Unreliable retailers ignore health and safety requirements and may trade counterfeit products.

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4) If you have to buy a toy, try to orient yourself towards those that are more suitable for the child’s age that stimulate their curiosity, their skills and help them to acquire new knowledge

5) When you choose a toy, try to understand what the child is most interested in and follow their inclinations

6) Consider the importance of the movement also in the choice of toys to buy or advise your children: tricycle pedal, scooter, bicycle, skates, tools for ball toys, even adapted for use at home, can be a fun incentive and a valid alternative to sedentary toys

7) Look for outdoor spaces and places where the child can run, jump, play, especially if you live in an apartment without large spaces or without a garden

8) Propose children to toys of movement that promote learning and help to manage anxiety for school performance, educating them to a good emotional control and respect for the rules

9) Keep an eye on the child as he plays and let them build their space and play time

10) Find the time to play with your child or read a book

If you follow these 10 tips to choose safe toys for your children will play safely!

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