Use our tips for shopping this shopping trip enjoyable and stress

For some, Black Friday is a pleasure; for others, an ordeal. We will help you to deal with it.

With Thanksgiving Day which is fast approaching, many are already thinking about turkey and football. But others and you know I’m talking about you, are contemplating a different contact sport: Black Friday shopping.

Shopping on Black Friday
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And this year, the deals are starting earlier; some stores will open their doors at 6 pm, Thanksgiving Day, something that makes everyone happy employees.

Regardless of when your Black Friday shopping start, the game plan is to get the best deals you can in items you really want. Often, but not always, electronics are the lowest prices of the year during Black Friday and is easy to fall into the madness of shopping and spend more than you really want. So here is a list of tips for Black Friday shopping to make sure you not only get the best deals but you have peace of mind when you get home with your articles.

You must be prepared: This means studying commercials before Black Friday. By this time, many large retailers have already published Black Friday specials for their stores so you can review one of the most complete websites focused on Black Friday, to see if it really is the best. Some sites let you refine your search by product category such as televisions.

Shop online first: Why leave your family and comfortable chair if you do not have to do it really? Before battle the crowds in the stores, check to see if the store is offering the same, or better, offers on its website. In previous years, some of the larger stores have offered online sales during the week of Black Friday have included many of the same items offered as part of their inventory in stores on Black Friday and are often combined with low shipping deals cost or free. And some stores offer exclusive deals online that you would not get if you walked into one of their stores.

Sign up for email alerts: Many stores now use email alerts to encourage loyalty to shops and frequent purchases. Sign up for alerts that allow you to find out the following promotions and to receive coupons or discounts. Buyers can also know if the products they want are available or if an item is available for purchase online and picked up at the store, an option that can save shipping charges.

Use social networks: Before deciding to purchase, visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of your favorite stores to see if they are offering any incentives such as discounts, when you give “like” your page or follow them. If you have friends who will buy similar items on Black Friday, sent messages, tweets or post on social networking sites with the best deals you find with a little luck, they will return the favor.

Get your applications (apps): Before going to the store, make sure your smartphone is charged and have some comparison shopping apps let you see the specials and compare prices while in the store. Many have a barcode reader that lets you scan and compare prices, as well as a QR code reader that can sometimes help you get coupon codes or special promotions. If you see an item is cheaper in a nearby store, tries to show that price on your phone to a store manager to see if it offers the same price. It also considers the Black Friday application for updated information and test Black Friday Evernote if you need to do and take with you a shopping list to help you stay in control.

Create a budget and stick to it: Many Black Friday sales, specials especially impressive that usually are available in limited quantities, are designed to take you to the store so they can try to sell you something that will generate more money. Decide how much you want to spend before and resist the urge to buy in the store because you’re there, especially if you do not know how good a deal it really is.

See if you can get a price match guarantee and check the return policy of the store: Often, stores say they will suspend price match guarantee during the weekend of Black Friday but should ask anyway. After all, it is assumed that these are “the lowest prices of the year!”

And to be sure, check the return and exchange policies of your local chain to make sure that they are not different for a special Black Friday. Sometimes Black Friday sales are final, which means you cannot return the item. Other items may have a return policy or exchange shorter or where you can only get a store credit rather than a refund. Also, make sure the store is not charging a fee for replacement of merchandise in a returned item.

Check the warranty: If you are loyal to a particular brand, you may feel you know your standard product warranty right. But even the biggest brands offer special “derivative” models during promotional periods as Black Friday and could alter the periods of the standard warranties for these promotions.

For example, the period would be much shorter, repair or provisions may be different: if a problem arises, could not have a home service for older products or may have to pay for shipping if the item needs to be sent to a service center. If so, be sure to agree to the terms before and see what happens if you need to repair your electronic device. Do not you want to find, unexpectedly, that will be your responsibility.

Buy the item you really want and avoid the expensive accessories: The items designated as the “best deals” (door busters) attract us for their low prices, but may not be the best products for your needs. In electronics, for example, this is very true for larger items like televisions, with those who are going to end up living for several years.

The “best deals”, particularly those derivative models that are created especially for the event, usually have lower expectations and have no features that can be found in the manufacturer’s standard lines. While this may be fine for a second or third TV, you probably want better performance or more features for your main TV. Another thing is that a store would have more freedom in the price offered for a simpler one that for more sophisticated model so you could get a really good deal on a television you really want to buy.

Avoid the old trick of the bait: If you’re really buying on price alone, stand firm and not let you push to buy a more expensive model. The shops sometimes announce a television as big deal but after denigrate when you’re at the store, hoping to convince you to buy a more expensive model that generates more money.

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