Why we now love online and not the big store.

Go back just twenty to twenty five years ago and purchasing things via our computers was still seen as a risky business. The belief of shops and companies that ran them was that the large department store or the gigantic Mall would forever be the way that we the public would but things. This was especially true of clothes and if you wanted some designer stuff like Mish Mash Clothes then it was the town centre that you went to for it. However with the demise of Woolworths, House of Fraser and the continuing problems of Debenhams it seems that if we want those Mish Mash Clothes we are more inclined to go to https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/mish-mash.html to get them. Why has this happened?

In the first part it’s cheaper, or seems to be. There is no need to spend extra money on a bus ticket or have to use petrol and get a car parking space. It also reduces the chances of you getting a parking fine or having an accident. You do not have to face the crush of humans as you try and make your way across town. Whilst the social aspect is lost it actually gives you more time to meet friends elsewhere.

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It’s very likely that there will always be the option of shops. Many are now rebranding and rethinking their operations. Many offer events or the visit itself is actually a real experience rather than a chore. Shops themselves are looking to go online with their wares as well as having a physical presence. Given the current situation we find ourselves in then this rise of online is only bound to become “the new normal”.


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