What to Know About Concealed Weapons Rights

The right to keep and bear arms is a hotly contested topic around the United States, and for some, the right to carry a concealed handgun is about safety for themselves and their families. Before you decide to enact your right to carry, there are some basic things to know about concealed carry.

What It Means

Any carry practice comes with a lot of responsibility, but concealed carry is where an individual keeps a weapon on their person but out of sight of other individuals. It could be slipped down into a waistband under the shirttail or tucked into a CCW vest (concealed carry weapons vest). When you carry a concealed handgun, it means that you are ready and willing to take drastic measures in the event someone’s life is in danger. However, concealed carry requires that you lawfully own your weapon and, although it varies by state, possess a license to carry.

What Your Responsibilities Are

Though you think you know who you are and your abilities, in a moment of stress or panic, do you really know how you may respond to a threat? You have a responsibility to act lawfully, but you also have a moral responsibility to defend and protect your family or friends. You have a responsibility to carry your firearm safely, and you should be well-trained in how to handle the weapons itself. There is a need for training for emergency situations, helping prepare you for the best response in a time of crisis.

What Your Role Is

Training for a variety of scenarios gives you the edge on defining your role. If you work in a gun-free zone, you cannot bring your firearm into the building. You also need to keep your weapon holstered at all times, and not use your gun as a way to threaten or intimidate individuals into getting what you want. The right to concealed carry isn’t a license to act according to how you feel or to get what you want. It is a way to protect the lives of those around you, only when the situation deems there is no other solution.

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