What does ara ara mean?

What does ara mean? Well, a Weeb (hardcore anime lover!) knows for sure.

So, this is a Japanese phrase that is quite often used in anime. You will find a lot of misleading information on the internet about What does ara mean. But this phrase has a completely different meaning between real life and anime. It is quite difficult to understand all of its nuances. This article will clear all your confusion as well as will explain exact meanings.

What Does “Ara Ara” Mean in English?

The “Ara Ara” meaning can be various such as “Oh me, oh my”, “oh dear”, “my my”, etc in English. Basically, this Japanese word usually uses for expressing mild surprise, curiosity, compassion, or amusement. This phase is mainly used by Japanese women depending on the situation. However, in Otaku culture, this ara phase this word uses more as a sexualized meaning.

What Does “Ara Ara” Mean in Anime?

In anime, the phrase “Ara Ara” is used quite often and it’s commonly translated as “Oh me, oh my” or “My my”. The gentle, mature, or motherly female characters uses this phrase to express their affection, disapproval, or surprise. However, it can be used as a form of sexual flirtation or suggestive way where older mature women say this phrase towards much younger men.

What Does “Ara Ara” Mean in Japan?

“Ara” is a Japanese exclamation or word. In Japan, the phrase “Ara Ara” is mostly used by younger females where they express their curiosity, amusement, or surprise. Depending on the tone of voice this word can have many different meanings. This word means “oh”, “tsk-tsk,”, “ah”, “Oh-ho,” or “Hmm?” in Japanese. There is another word in Japan whose pronunciation exactly the same, its meaning is rude, harsh, or rough.


There is a beautiful fish, in Japan — called Ara. Its actual name is “Saw Edged Perch” and It swims from Japan to the Philippines. If you visit the aquarium next time, you can look for it.

The Japanese name for it translates quite roughly as a rough fish, when you will look at one of these fish, you will understand that it does make sense.

Ara is a surname

In Japan, the word ara is found to be used as a surname, but not a particularly common one though.


So, the phrase “Ara Ara” is an expression of surprise, kinda similar to “awesome” or “wow”. In Japan, there are many languages spoken but Japanese is the most popular used one.  Usually, in the attempt of flirtation, surprisement, or amusement the phrase ara is used by the females. However, you need to be careful while using this slang.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this word is the growth of Kawaii. Kawaii is a culture of childishness and cuteness. Thanks to social media where Asian and Western have become intertwined and phrases or words are being commonly shared. I hope now you finally know What does ara mean.


Is Ara-Ara a Japanese word?

Well, even though the word comes from Japan but it doesn’t specify that it’s a Japanese word. It’s not a Japanese word but spoken in Japan and it comes from the Miyako language.

Although Japanese is the most commonly spoken language in Japan it has many ancient languages which tribes out there still speak. And many of the tribes keenly want to keep alive their ancestors’ languages. So, this is one of the few Japanese words which is not Japanese.

Be careful, while using Ara-Ara

On many occasions, this word becomes inappropriate and many times you shouldn’t be saying it. Some people might understand you the wrong way and misinterpret you for flirting. Also, in some cases, it uses as rude behavior. So, be careful while talking to an older woman especially, because they might take it in the wrong way.

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