Grasshoppers are often compared to the crickets that we all know, however, these are different insects. Whether you know them as grasshoppers, grasshoppers. Or locusts, these insects represent a large family with more than 11 thousand different species around the world. However, it should be noted that locusts are a type of grasshopper that under specific circumstances can alter their color and behavior, causing severe damage to the places where they are found.

The size of grasshoppers is usually very varied, we can find them from a few millimeters in size to specimens that reach up to 15 centimeters. This type of insect can be found all over the world except in extremely cold places; They have a preference for the tropics and quality.

What do grasshoppers eat?

These insects usually present inconspicuous colors and in shades that allow them to hide among the undergrowth of their predators. Because they are insects, they have tracheal respiration, which means that they do not have lungs. And respiration is carried out through spiracles. Grasshoppers generally have wings that allow them to fly more skillfully than other insects. Females tend to have larger dimensions than males.

Some species of grasshoppers produce certain sounds that come from rubbing their hamstrings against their wings or abdomen. Due to a large number of existing species, it is a difficult task to determine by sight which types of grasshoppers are found in a given area.

The place where grasshoppers live are spaces with enough green vegetation, which is what they usually feed on. The appetite of these insects is usually voracious, especially when they have undergone a change to become locusts.

If you wonder how grasshoppers reproduce, you should know first of all that grasshoppers hatch from eggs. After the act of reproduction, the eggs are deposited in a foam that protects them. And adheres to the plant during the incubation period. The number of eggs that a female can lay ranges from 1,000 to 10,000.


Grasshoppers belong to the herbivore group of animals so they eat grass. Although they can also eat other plants and some fruits. A few species in special cases can opt for an omnivorous diet, thus feeding on other smaller insects.

A very important role in the feeding of grasshoppers is there before since these are provided with taste buds with which they can determine the quality and freshness of their food and then finely grind it and be digested. When the stool is expelled, it is dry and round.

The nutrition of the grasshoppers takes them most of the time, it is for this reason that it is common to see them always eat, and can be considered a pest in agricultural fields where the availability of food attracts them, generating huge amounts of population.

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