Types of mustard and their uses

Mustard is one of the most popular sauces around the world. It is made by mixing whole, crushed, or ground mustard seeds with water, lemon juice, vinegar, wine or other liquids, spices, salt, and other seasonings. The end result is a sauce or paste that can be bright yellow to dark brown in color, with a flavor that varies from sweet to spicy.

The seeds obtained from the mustard plant have always been processed for consumption. In their preparation, they undergo a complete transformation until they reach the form of sauce with which it is usually marketed. Gastronomy, it has an almost unlimited variety of applications. To discover the different types of mustard and their uses, We recommend that you continue reading this article.

American yellow mustard

The American yellow mustard is currently the most widespread. That is to say, it is the one offered in most fast-food chains, with a slightly spicy flavor and an intense yellow tone. This bright yellow color comes from the use of finely ground yellow mustard seeds and the use of turmeric powder.

In its preparation, these two ingredients are mixed with water and vinegar. Sometimes other mild spices are also included in the mix to create a thick sauce. This type of mustard is used more to accompany hamburgers and hot dogs, but it can also be used to make marinades or salad dressings.

American yellow mustard usually contains a little sugar, although sometimes it contains significant amounts. On the other hand, there are brands that do not add a bit of sugar in their preparation, such as French’s, one of the most classic American mustards.

Sweet brown mustard

In Germany, they have many types of mustard, with different degrees of spiciness and seasoning. Still, the most traditional making of this sauce is a sweet brown mustard, typical of Bavaria. It is a mustard that has a much higher amount of sugar than the rest, even more sugar than mustard: around 38 grams per 100 grams.

Sweet brown mustard is the one that always appears in Oktoberfest promotions. Due to its high sugar content, you should not abuse it, but it is one of the best when it comes to accompanying sausages.

English yellow mustard

American yellow mustard is derived from English mustard, which is still made under Colman’s brand. In its beginnings, this brand only sold a powdered version that you can still buy to make a homemade mustard.

English yellow mustard is especially hot. When savoring it, the itching sensation goes up a lot through the nose. Although it is not very sweet, it does have sugar (about 13 grams per 100 grams). It is an ideal mustard to accompany roasts and sandwiches, but its flavor is too strong for other raw preparations.

Dijon mustard

It is the preferred mustard in France. Jean Naigeon was the first person to prepare this mustard in 1856, in the French town of Dijon. He replaced the vinegar with an acid must of green grapes. Currently, most of this type of mustard is made with white wine or spirit vinegar.

Dijon mustard is the spiciest you can find, which is why it is often combined in other preparations. It is ideal to make vinaigrettes, use in stews such as broccoli with yogurt and mustard, or add to mayonnaise.

You can also use it in dishes such as baked fish in mustard sauce or roast beef with mustard. It is one of the healthiest mustards because it does not contain any sugar.

‘Old-fashioned’ mustard

This mustard is distinguished from the rest by being made with whole mustard grains mixed with other ingredients. In its preparation, the seeds are ground to form a paste, but not all of them are completely broken, a factor that gives it a crunchy appearance and texture.

Although ‘old-fashioned’ mustard is prepared with brown and black seeds, which are spicier, since they are not completely broken, the spiciness when savoring the sauce is less. It also contains more vinegar, being for this reason more acidic mustard.

‘Old-fashioned’ mustard has a bit of sugar and works great in salad dressings, sandwiches, and in recipes like the following:

  • Spaghetti with old-fashioned mustard bechamel and bacon.
  • Steamed salmon with old-fashioned mustard sauce and cider.
  • Types of mustard and their uses – ‘Old-fashioned’ mustard

Spicy brown mustard

It is a typical mustard from the United States, but it is also sold in supermarkets in Spain, specifically through the Gulden brand. It is made from brown mustard seeds, coarsely ground, and soaked in a smaller amount of vinegar compared to standard mustard .

This type of mustard is spicier than the yellow one, with a thicker texture and no sugar. It is mustard with which the New York pastrami is usually accompanied. It also goes perfectly with sausages and roast beef.

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