Tips for Choosing the Right Holster

Holsters play an important role in your ability to carry your concealed weapon successfully. Therefore, consider spending as much time choosing a holster as you do your firearm. However, before you start searching “gun holsters Charlotte NC,” you should test and choose your gun.

Retention and Safety

The best holster is one made specifically for your gun because it will be molded to fit it exactly. However, any holster you purchase should hold your weapon securely. Most holsters use friction, retention pressure or the molded shape to secure the weapon.

Your holster should completely cover the trigger guard to prevent accidental misfiring. The grip of your weapon should be outside the holster so you have a comfortable, secure grip on your weapon before you pull it out of the holster.


Your holster should encourage your natural drawing motion. Your draw should be natural and quick. If you have a security strap, be sure you can unhook it quickly. Test drawing your weapon while you are sitting, standing and in motion. Is it positioned comfortably, so you don’t have to twist your arm into an unnatural position or reach too far to retrieve it? Can you draw it without looking?


You wear your weapon in a comfortable position, and your holster should be comfortable. It should fit in and be concealed in the clothing that you are most comfortable wearing. Although you may decide to change the style or fit of your clothing slightly to cover your weapon, including wearing a slightly larger size, heavier fabrics and patterns, you still need to be comfortable. If not, you will tend to not wear your weapon.


Don’t buy a holster based on the lowest price. You want a high-quality holster because holster quality will determine your comfort, draw capability and speed, security and safety. Therefore, purchase the highest quality holster you can afford.

Try out several holsters. You may find that you will need a few based on what you are wearing. Be particular and practice using both your holster and firearm.

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