The best creative Mother’s Day gifts

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it can become easy to give the same generic things such as flowers, chocolates, or toiletries. A great idea for a personalised gift is to get creative and make something! And don’t have to be artistic to make an effective gift…

If your mother likes to cook or bake, a lovely gift can be a personalised recipe book. Think back to your favourite childhood meals and compile a collection into a book. You could also hand write it, to add to the personalised touch. Fill it with notes and decorate the cover for the perfect original gift.

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Another easy craft is glass painting. You could either choose water glasses, flower vases or bowls to paint on your pattern. Even simple designs such as dots or hearts can look extremely effective, especially using multicoloured paints. Why not fill the vase with flowers too, giving the classic Mother’s Day gift a special touch?

If you can sew, then there are plenty of options for handmade gifts. Basic sewing skills could allow you to make projects such as bunting or decorating a tote bag. Bunting is a great gift that can be used for decoration both inside and outside the house. Choose materials that your mother would like and make something simple that will bring a room to life!

Along with sewing ideas, you could also knit something for your mother to wear or keep. Do not fear if you cannot knit yet, because websites such as have kits that will give you step-by-step guidance on how to make the gift. Buying a Knitting Kit online can be the perfect project to work on, in the months leading up to Mother’s day. It will show you have taken your time to make something for someone you love.

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A lot of personalised gifts look back at memories made. There are different ways to approach this, the first of which is a photo album. Rather than ordering it online, it can be extra personalised if you print out each photo individually and create an authentic homemade book. You can decorate borders and add small keepsakes such as tickets too.

Another personalised idea is to create a memory jar or tin. Think about all your happy memories, or things that you appreciate about your mother and write them down on pieces of paper. You could also have colourful paper to brighten up the jar.

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