Should You Combine Your Blog With Your Website?

Many businesses with an online presence want to develop their organic search growth. Some may have dedicated blogs that gain traffic and potential customers already, but not linked to their main website. Should you combine them to drive SEO growth for your business?

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What Is Your Business Strategy?

When hosting a blog on your business website, it is important to consider why it is there and what benefit it is bringing. Building a brand in a blog that attracts interest and converts customers takes commitment and a specific plan. Posts must be consistent, relevant to the target audience, and created to focus on key topics and keywords.

What Should Posts Contain?

Having a member of staff post a few thoughts here and there will not bring the results you may hope for. A blog post optimised to rank high on search engines should have:

– A minimum of 1,000 words.
– Meta descriptions for SEO
– Optimised headline using keywords
– Posted to multiple social media accounts
– Graphics or engaging content for sharing

The best growth comes from providing content that answers questions or needs that potential customers may have. By responding to customer needs and questions, such as the content posted on this business’s blog, your business establishes trust, credibility, and attracts customers that are looking for your specific expertise.

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When creating a blog that brings potential customers to your business, it is then easier to provide a call-to-action for your services, a target email list, or towards chosen products. Every post should be tied to a specific action that benefits the business.

What Can Go Wrong?

You may have tried hosting a blog on your business website before and found that it did not have the results you wished for. There can be several reasons for this, such as:

– Failing to name the blog in keeping with the domain of the existing website
– No keyword strategy
– Not using website analytics to understand where visitors are coming from, how they find the blog, and what they are reading
– Failing to link from blog posts to pages within the business website

Creating quality, targeted content through a blog can absolutely benefit an established business website in organic search engine rankings. However, it is important to create a strategy for how it is used and the content created.

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