Road Trip Safety Tips

Long road trips are a big undertaking. There are many things to consider, and whether planning a cross-country move or an open-ended trip, safety should be a top priority. Take a look at some of these travel tips, from undercover clothes in unfamiliar areas to vehicle safety.

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Car Prep

When planning a long cross-country drive or a road trip with others, it’s critical to take some planning time to make sure the vehicle that will be leading the trip is in best condition possible. Definitely begin with an oil change and have tires rotated. Make sure that all the tires are in best condition and none are experiencing slow leaks — it’s very difficult to overcome a major hurdle on a road trip like losing a tire in a remote area. It’s also good to take some time to clean the car, both inside and out. Cleaning the interior of the car will make sure everything feels ready for a long drive, and keeping a small trash bag inside the car will help the vehicle stay cleaner during the trip itself.


Go ahead and set a course of action for the road trip. Know how long driving will have to be for each day to arrive at the destination on time, if this is a critical part of the trip. However, if the road trip does not have an expiration date, it’s still helpful to select stopping locations in advance. Finding hotels and small cities along the way can save panic or worry later. Knowing that there are places available to rest and recharge before continuing a journey is important.


Similarly, it’s important to be aware of surroundings on the stops themselves. While it’s easy to get a bit distracted on long drives, know when it’s time to rest or stop for food. Keep an eye out for safe areas to make stops. Remember that there will most likely be bags and belongings left in the car on pauses and don’t let things sit in wait for too long. With these tips in place, a trip will be safer.

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