How fashion and coding are related

EJ Menswear was created to provide customers with solid options when browsing for high quality clothes. Mens designer tshirts are one of their particularly popular categories. This was recognised by the employees running the page and encourages them to continue to source more options within this category for their customers. Many tools are used by the employees of online fashion retailers in order to determine which products are most popular. These tools are often available online for purchase or subscription. The number of purchases for each item can be seen using these digital tools, and so can the number of page views. These statistics are analysed by specialists and used by buyers when acquiring new products.

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These technological advances are a far cry from what fashion retailers had access to a couple of decades ago. These advances have created the need for more tech-based jobs and training as these feed into every business which has an online presence. This vastly changes the educational landscape and has given birth to many online programs which encourages people from all backgrounds, especially women, to learn to code. Coding may seem daunting to many people who have limited IT skills, but helpful online resources are increasing rapidly. These resources are recommended to many people looking to expand their skillset. They can be used to create websites needed by e-commerce businesses including fashion retailers.

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