Four Ways to Style a Blazer

A blazer can really make all the difference to any outfit. They can make an outfit look smart, but a textured or patterned blazer can bring a more casual look. Blazers are fabulously versatile, pairing beautifully with smart trousers, chinos and even fitted jeans. You can bring more of an urban vibe by opting for trainers as your footwear of choice, or keep it sophisticated with brogues or loafers. Blazers can also be ideal for layering in the winter under a large coat and paired with Chelsea boots to keep those ankles warm! Here are some blazer outfit ideas for any occasion.

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The Awkward Dress Code

Don’t you just hate it when an invitation says “Dress code is smart-casual”? This can really leave you stumped with what outfit is too overdressed or, worse, too underdressed. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Barbor and Farah jackets all have various textured blazers that are perfect for this kind of do. Pair the blazer with a t-shirt to avoid being too formal and with a fitted jean so you don’t look disproportionate. Any footwear would fit nicely, but a smart trainer would be ideal for this dress-code.

The Business Meeting

A blazer can be your best friend here. A smart suit jacket-style blazer can be thrown over a shirt and trousers for optimum business dress. If you usually dress business-casual, then pairing a blazer with smart jeans, brogues or smart brogue boots will be perfect, leaving you to boss any meeting whilst looking good.

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The Dinner Date

We are talking romantic dinner date – not a cheeky Nandos trip. For any dinner date it’s better to lean over to the smart side. There are often a wide variety of blazers and jackets to choose from in web shops like . A textured blazer is a great idea with a shirt and smart fitted jean. A tie could look a little too much here, but a nice pressed shirt will work perfectly.

The Special Occasion

Smart trousers and blazer are essential for occasions like weddings and christenings. But don’t be afraid to mix a different-coloured and textured blazer with smart trousers – it doesn’t always have to be full black or blue! Smart shoes are essential here. A skinny tie or an old-fashioned bow tie will look oh so dapper and finish off your outfit nicely.

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