Five Christmas markets that will captivate you

The Christmas markets are spaces full of color, magic, delusion, these dates are very lively and we like to travel. We’ve found five Christmas markets that will captivate you, in five videos that give us the Christmas spirit already flooding the streets …

Having walked through the Christmas markets Oslo, traveled to Edinburgh, Cologne, Lubeck, Wroclaw and Tallinn. Which of these markets would you miss?

Christmas markets
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Edinburgh’s Flea Market

Edinburgh city center Christmas dresses with aromas of hot chocolate and freshly baked bread, ice skating or walking on the treadmill. Attractions and markets are at the center of the city, among the gardens of Princes Street, The Mound and St Andrew Square.

Christmas in Cologne

Cologne city center has some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world, so that they become undisputed tourist attraction at this time of year. Facing the imposing cathedral of Cologne, parading before our eyes Christmas lights, the most delicious local cuisine cooked live in the heat of the coals …

Market in Lübeck, Germany

We continue in Germany on this occasion with a vibrant hyperlapse of the Hanseatic city at Christmas. We passed emblematic Holstein Gate to reach the medieval town, a World Heritage Site, between Christmas stalls, storefronts, the Ferris wheel …

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Christmas in Wroclaw, Poland

We return to a more gentle rhythm. We moved to Poland, to the city of Wroclaw; in its beautiful old town hosts a traditional Christmas market since the sixteenth century. Here alternate the Christmas sweets, children’s attractions, parades, traditional craft products from Poland and other countries …

Christmas Market in Tallinn, Estonia

We ended up in Estonia, in Tallinn, which highlights the large Christmas tree in the center and where the snow making presence does not prevent passersby walk the Christmas market in the town hall square with its houses typical and craft products, the fair, animals …

These days we will bring other flea markets in the world most beautiful Christmas, so do not fail to tell us what your favorites are.

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