Common Types of Concealed Holsters

Many people today choose to carry a firearm, and very few states have open carry laws. This is why there are thousands of concealed carry permits issued every year. When you carry concealed, it is far more comfortable to carry your firearm in a holster. Manufacturers make various holsters to help you carry comfortably.

Shoulder Holster

concealed shoulder holster is one that fits against your ribcage. It is designed to wrap around your shoulders, hence the name. Although shoulder holsters are well known and comfortable, they require a jacket or coat and require a lot of practice to draw quickly.

Pants Holsters

There are two types of pants holsters. You have inside pants holsters that fit inside and outside pants holsters that fit outside your pants. The outside pants holsters are sometimes called side carry or belt holsters.

Thigh Holster

Thigh holsters are attached to the thigh with a strap or band. These holsters are normally used by women wearing a skirt or dress. Thigh holsters have one problem: if the band is not tight enough, they start to slip.

Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are probably some of the most well-known from television and movies. Unfortunately, you are very limited on what kind of gun you can carry. It is also not particularly accessible. You cannot get to your firearm quickly.

Back Holster

Back holsters are extremely easy to draw from and are one of the preferred ways to carry. It can be uncomfortable when you sit down and may show when you bend over.

Appendix Holster

The appendix holster fits against your stomach. It is probably the easiest place to draw from, but it can be uncomfortable when you sit down. Many people who use appendix holsters will remove their firearm when they sit.

The hallmark of a good holster is comfort. Regardless of which you choose, make sure that you are comfortable and the firearm is secure.

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