Can cats eat tomatoes or not?

The nutrition of our cat is very important. It is necessary to understand which foods are allowed to avoid any kind of discomfort. Cats can eat tomatoes? It seems a strange question, but in reality, there are many owners who have asked themselves. For our cat, we tend to create a food plan that is as similar as possible to ours, but often we do not realize that this, in some cases, is not possible. Let’s find out if tomatoes are allowed in our kitten’s diet.

Can cats eat tomatoes?

If we had to give a short and hasty answer, we would certainly say ” yes “. But the subject is not to be treated so superficially. It seems that cats can digest tomatoes without any problem, but to do so they need to discard a specific part of the fruit. Our help is, therefore, necessary so that our kitten eats in a healthy and safe way.

If by chance, without our knowledge, our cat takes and eats a tomato, surely there are no fatal consequences, fortunately.

It should be emphasized, however, that its abuse could cause considerable damage to the digestive system of the animal.

Should any strange symptoms occur after the consumption of tomatoes, prompt intervention by the veterinarian is recommended? So do not hesitate to contact him.

Absolutely avoid green tomatoes and their leaves

When we ask if cats can eat tomatoes, we are referring to the already ripe, red fruits. If the tomatoes are still too green, care must be taken. It must be said that our little feline will probably not appreciate the flavor of the fruit that is still too unripe and will avoid eating it. What we don’t know, however, is that the leaves and stem can cause the same damage as a tomato that is still too green. But what do we mean? We will explain it to you immediately.

The still green, unripe tomato contains a particular substance, tomato. This substance, as the fruit becomes ripe, decreases its quantity, almost until it is completely absent. The effect of this substance is toxic and if consumed in large quantities it could cause a principle of poisoning in our feline.

The same danger is run with the leaves and the stem. The substances contained in them are different, but they produce the same effects.

Warning, this does not mean that if your cat eats a tomato, then his health is compromised. We must always pay attention to what our cat eats, but we must also consider that this damage is caused by large amounts of certain substances absorbed. It is therefore not the case to be alarmed or have exaggerated reactions if our cat consumes tomatoes.

Can cats eat red, ripe tomatoes?

The answer to this question is certainly yes. An already ripe tomato has disposed of those small substances that can be harmful to our kitten. There is therefore nothing to fear, the tomato is allowed in the diet of our feline, especially to make the taste of some foods more pleasant, especially if we are talking about canned food.

In fact, there are many producers who opt to use tomatoes to flavor the canned foods they produce. Cats, by the way, seem to really like it. For them, it is almost a delicacy.

Obviously, however, abuse is never recommended. Even the healthiest food, if consumed in excess, can cause damage to the body.

In fact, it seems that disproportionate use of the tomato can cause intolerances in the kitten with consequent stomach cramps and diarrhea. So pay attention to the quantities.

Raw or cooked tomato? Is there a difference?

This is a question that caused a deep split between two teams. It is as if two different currents of thought have developed. In fact, it seems that, on the one hand, many people think that cooked and cooked tomatoes are safer. The belief is that the high temperature can eradicate any remains of toxic substances if the tomato has not reached the maximum of its maturity.

At the same time, however, there are just as many people who claim that cooking does not change the composition of the tomato itself and that it cannot cause changes in the substances it contains.

Eating a raw tomato, as long as it is ripe, would therefore give the same effects as a tomato consumed after being cooked.

There are still no certain answers on this topic. But one thing is certain, it is useless to be alarmed more than necessary. Unless your cat has a significant allergy to tomatoes, she can safely eat them. As we have already said, however, with caution and moderation. Above all, if any symptoms arise, investigate the matter further.

Contacting the vet is important

The intervention of the veterinarian is never to be underestimated or avoided. We often think that our questions are stupid or tests of meaning and therefore we directly avoid asking them. But it is good to understand that this is not the case at all.

“Can cats eat tomatoes?” it would seem a bit silly question, but if we think carefully, it could save our cat’s life. The vet could certainly give a lot of clarification and explain things we do not yet know

Above all, the veterinarian can carry out analyzes and checks that allow us to understand if our cat is in excellent health or not. Do-it-yourself diagnoses are never recommended.

Another thing that is never recommended is to give too much importance and too much weight to the experiences of others. If you are a beginner, it is normal for you to ask for help from friends or acquaintances you think are more prepared.

However, you must consider that each kitten is unique. Maybe you can find yourself talking to a pet owner whose kitten is intolerant and who therefore tells you that tomatoes are absolutely not to be considered for a diet made for a feline.

This is just an example, but there are many cases in which certain pathologies increase their severity, just because you do not resort to the consultation of a veterinarian. We always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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