Bitcoin, what they are and how to get?

Created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin is a virtual currency to improve internet payments promote anonymity and without relying on organizations such as central banks and governments to regulate its value.

Since its inception, the Internet has a currency that leaves no trace, based on an open source protocol and P2P, which eliminates intermediaries and prevents our personal data relating to payments, unlike what happens with other systems such as credit cards, bank accounts or NFC systems.

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What’s worth a bitcoin?

The system Bitcoin has been specially created for the limit of bitcoins on the market is 21 million this virtual currency. That does not mean that the value of the currency has a limit, because once the system is approaching that figure (around 2030), each coin can be divided up his eighth decimal.

That would lead to in the future not pre-menopausal with bitcoins, but with smaller units that microbitcoins, nanobitcoins … Everything depends on the growth of money and its subsequent market value in the call.

The price of bitcoin, which is currently growing at this very moment, is equivalent to $ 29.87 and 0.56 grams of gold.

Why use Bitcoin?

The monetary system Bitcoin is based on three main factors, according to its creators is a safe, open and fair system.

  • Security: Having a cryptographic architecture Bitcoin code can be updated to prevent attacks. Today experts say that a transaction of this virtual currency is many times safer than a bank transfer.
  • Open-source: In order to rely on the safety and ease of use and evolution, Bitcoin code is open, anyone can see to ensure their safety and developers can help improve the system.
  • Minimum rates: Transactions are free and the only additional payment to which you can access is leading to greater speed in the process of transaction (which is verified in minutes).

How can I use Bitcoin?

The growing attention for this virtual currency has led to places like Mega, Reddit, MMO or virtual casinos begin to embrace the use of bitcoins, not only allowing payment of the currency, but also supporting its use giving away their coins users realize concrete actions.

Today all you need to start paying with bitcoins is a client, either by application or through a web page, automatically create a virtual wallet.

These portfolios give you access to the private keys that allow you to pay and get paid by alphanumeric codes created to prevent fraud, making it impossible, for example, you can make two separate payments with the same code.

How I can get bitcoins?

To get bitcoins you have three options: access platform currency exchange and perform the transformation of your currency into bitcoins to get them through platforms that offer bitcoins in exchange for performing actions (games and casinos we mentioned earlier) or embrace Mining.

The safety system ensures the users themselves, not a central bank or a government that controls it, so for that to be possible there are people and organizations that use their computer to generate the blocks record data and ensure transactions, called mining.

The system allows you to use your computer to generate those blocks, working at full capacity and making it impossible to perform other tasks in exchange for bitcoins, but now this system is not profitable for a user with a standard computer, since spending just light it is greater than the amount of bitcoins received.

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