5 top Formula 1 facts to know

Formula 1 is the most dangerous racing environment in the world, the most competitive and the most technologically advanced. It isn’t just a race between drivers but the rivalry between cars. To win Grand Prix races, you need discipline, money and attention to detail.

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The name ‘formula’ derives from a set of rules under which the car and participants must work, first used after World War 11 in 1946. The first race under this new name was held at Silverstone in 1950. A lot has changed over the ensuing 68 years with today’s cars costing anything from £6 to 8 million, but the competitive spirit and a love of speed have not changed.


Formula 1 cars are made up of about 80,000 components weighing in at 702kg including the driver, excluding the fuel. The 2017 cars are a little heavier at 722 kg and wider with an increase in speed of up to four seconds faster. This will significantly change the role of the driver and make the races more exciting.

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Formula 1 is definitely a rich person’s sport, travelling around the world to some of the most exotic locations, Monaco is probably the biggest race on the F1 calendar and as a spectator you could be truly spoiled at the famous Ermanno Palace https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/monaco/3rd-floor-ermanno-palace/ which have the best views of the F1 track.


The 2018 season starts on March 25 when the drivers line up in Melbourne, Australia. The hot favourite to win his 5th driver’s title is Lewis Hamilton after winning the title by 46 points from rival Sebastian Vettel. The bookies will be keeping a close eye on the youngest F1 winner Max Verstappen who won a race last year in Spain and is only aged 18 years. He still has four seasons to take the title and become the world’s youngest F1 champion.


The winner of the race is not necessarily the one who goes around a lap in the fastest time. Sponsor DHL has defined a new standard of speed with the ‘DHL Fastest Lap Award’, the Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was one of the seven drivers to win this award in 2017.

Fans think Grand Prix racing has been more exciting, prestigious and competitive over the past two years. What will 2018 bring?

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