3 Reasons Horseback Riding Gear Is Essential

Like any sport, horseback riding is a strenuous activity. Unlike other sports, you’re working with a horse to complete actions rather than other people or inanimate objects, which makes protection a bit more complicated. Here are three reasons horseback riding gear is essential.

1. Prevent Injury

One of the main uses of equestrian gear is to prevent injury. Horseback riding carries with it inherent risks of injury, but the gear equestrians use can go a long way toward protecting them. Helmets help prevent head injuries such as concussions in the event of a fall. Protective vests help cushion the rider’s torso and chest if he or she falls. Sturdy riding boots completely encase the ankle and provide support to the foot and ankle.

2. Protect the Horse

Equestrian equipment to protect the horses is also essential. Horses are living animals, and deserve the same consideration their human riders receive. You should make sure all equipment the horse will be wearing fits well and doesn’t chafe. Get your horse the appropriate horseshoes for its needs. Make sure you have access to support boots or wraps for your horse’s legs in the event of injury or repetitive strain.

3. Provide Security

One of the best ways to keep horse and rider both safe when in motion is to ensure all equipment fits and is secured correctly. Buckles and snaps should be fitted and tested before being used and should be checked for security each time you use them. Make sure you have the correct stirrups and reins and a good quality girth strap. These will assist you in keeping your seat and preventing yourself from falling off your horse. If you’re new to horseback riding, you should start out with safety stirrups, which are designed to break off in the event of a fall, preventing your leg from getting stuck.

Gear helps keep you and the horse safe and keeps you secure when riding a horse. Make sure you have good quality, well-fitted gear for yourself and your horse.

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