Three Essential Vintage Hair Styles for Your Wedding

Vintage style has never been more popular than it is now, and it extends from fashion to home wares and accessories. If you have chosen a specific vintage theme for your big day, it makes sense to incorporate a hair style that fits with this. Carefully selected vintage hair styles can also add elegance to any wedding theme.

Three Essential Vintage Hair Styles for Your Wedding

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Here is a look at three of our favourite vintage wedding styles.

1920s Vintage Hair Styles

Inspired by films such as The Great Gatsby and TV programmes like Downton Abbey, 1920s hair styles are glamorous and sophisticated. Ideal for short to medium length hair, these wedding hair styles frequently feature soft curls or finger waves. Marcel waves were similar to finger waves but were made using curling tongs that were often heated in the fire prior to being tested on paper before applying to the hair. Today you can produce the same look with a great deal less risk of scorching the hair.

1940s Vintage Hair Styles

Many 1940s-inspired hair styles are based on victory rolls, a style in which voluminous curls frame the face. Named after the World War Two aerobatic manoeuvre, the style is associated with the “pin up” look. This popular style is achieved by backcombing the hair, rolling it into large curls away from the face, and securing it in place with pins and hairspray.

1960s Vintage Hair Styles

Longer hair can look stunning with an iconic beehive style reminiscent of Dusty Springfield, so if you are hankering for glamour, this could be the style for you. Created in 1960, the Beehive was the brainchild of Margaret Vinci Heldt, a Chicago hair stylist, and it remains popular to this day. Your hairdresser will probably prefer to style your beehive with hair washed the previous day, so check with him or her before planning your schedule.

With ITV reporting that one couple are celebrating their wedding with a giant Yorkshire pudding for a cake, it seems anything goes these days. Take a peek at Style & the Bride for more wedding hair and beauty ideas if the above styles do not fit in with your vintage theme.

Weddings based on a different era or with a theme such as afternoon tea, wild flowers, or anything else can be enhanced by a carefully chosen vintage hair style.

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