This Season The Chocolate Lips Are Worn

The catwalk and the celebrities have spoken. Although they will coexist with other colors, brown lips will be a trend this F / W 18-19.

In its version mocha, chocolate, hazelnut, nude, caramel, copper, beige, brown or brown … these tones come hitting strong in the purest style of the 90s and will be impossible not to fall into temptation.

The browns and earths are neutral tones that we can use in all its versions: shooting reddish or grayish, nude or more powerful, so they favor all skins: if your sub tone is sallow or too light, do not choose a nude color, because they will give you an unhealthy appearance. On the contrary, if you are very dark, soft colors will bring extra light to your face.

Chocolate Lips

In addition, these tones are ideal for day to day, both for women who want to stand out with an intense tone, and for those who are less daring, since they can use the softer versions.

This Fall-Winter You’ll Buy A Chocolate-Brown Lipstick, A Trend “To Eat It”

Camaleon Basic Colourstick is the perfect option to wear a hydrated mouth, perfectly made up, colored for a longer time and, moreover, with the most trendy colors!

These labials in jumbo format are the result of a formulation with high pigment load and a high concentration of emollient agents (aloe vera, rosehip and cocoa butter). They constitute a perfect synergy between hydration, duration and color.

Chocolate Lips

Camaleon Basic Colourstick provide the texture and creaminess suitable for a perfect fixation and a unified tone very flattering and easy to apply.

This winter you can apply the 4 most fashionable fashion tones for the celebrities …

  • Nude, will allow you to give a natural tone and almost no makeup to use in your day to day, whether to go to the gym or make the purchase.
  • Red, a classic for when you want to feel sexier.
  • Eggplant, a bold color, for the most fashionable and risky.
  • Earth, perfect to bring warmth to your makeup. It adapts to any woman’s style, classic or modern. It is the lipstick that should not be missing in your toiletry bag.

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