This is the MPOW Armor Plus, a Bluetooth speaker prepared to face the elements

A new Bluetooth portable speaker reaches these pages is that if a few days ago we present the BeoPlay A1 Bang & Olufsen, today is the turn of another speaker but in this very different case, it comes prepared to accompany the most demanding users. It is the MPOW Armor Plus.

And is that if anything this speaker signed by MPOW is characterized by being prepared to face the elements, impacts … in short, looking to be the ideal for those who do not understand their life rather than as a complement movies action or at least that’s what seems to your specifications.

With the MPOW Armor Plus we come face to face with a Bluetooth ultra-resistant loudspeaker with a rectangular aspect many can remember shapes and size to a brick, which is not in vain seems to come true to see how it is protected with an iron outer casing which gives hardness and resistance to test almost all kinds of impacts.

MPOW Armor Plus
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And for the metal suffers only minor scratches, the metal structure is protected with rubber profiles at the corners willing to absorb shock and seal the speaker, providing a resistance factor IPX5 water and dust … and all at a weight of just over 1 kilogram, which does not make a light fixture precisely.

Battery and charger all in one

Apart from the aforementioned Bluetooth connection, the MPOW Armor Plus comes equipped with a USB 2.1 port that serves as a power source for our mobile devices during playback and thus not see fly their batteries, for what has a capacity of 5200 mAh charge, enough to allow more than 20 hours of playback or about 2 full loads for our smartphone, and can check the charge level through a system of LEDs on the side.

Along with the USB 2.1 port we find a microUSB port charging output port and an auxiliary input to connect your computer if you do not have Bluetooth. All these connections are sealed by a rubber insert in order to ensure waterproofing and sealing equipment.

The MPOW Armor Plus offers an output power of 8 watts that offer a relatively clear sound quality but not as precise as we would like, although not as deep bass are achieved when we use Bluetooth connectivity. We can then connect it via the auxiliary connection, offering more sound quality yet not so high a volume.

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The MPOW offers two EQ modes, one for internal and one for external, differentiated management especially bass and treble extension for a clearer sound.

Price and Availability

The purists may not find in the MPWO Armor Plus speaker looking if you want a outstanding sound quality, but for the money you have, about $ 93 ($ 80 on Amazon) and finishes offered, it is clear that more that quality seeks durability and allow us to listen to music wherever we go, but yes, do not forget to bring protected also your smartphone.

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