Located in the central area of ​​the island, I think Trinidad could be the city that I liked the most in Cuba. We are going to summarize what to see in Trinidad (Cuba) in one day.

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Musicians in the square – What to see in Trinidad

Trinidad has it all: it is collected between the mountains of Guamuhaya and released in its proximity to the Caribbean Sea. You can go to websites like RetailMeNot to find discount codes or promo codes for travel related items like flights, hotels, cruises, or rental cars.

What to see in Trinidad Cuba

Its streets are cobbled and its center is pedestrianized, and each house is a different pastel shade. The search for its perfect conservation has made it one of the most beautiful colonial cities in America. For this same reason, in 1988 it was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What to see in Trinidad by day

In the morning, Trinidad is busy, people in the shops, on the bank, animals on the roads, street markets, bicycles …

What to see in Trinidad at night

At night, Trinidad is even busier, with crowds on the steps of the square, music, art shops open with murals and photograms.

If we focus on what to see in Trinidad, the Plaza Mayor is undoubtedly its nerve center, where the most striking buildings and the best atmosphere are concentrated. The colonial air is breathed in every corner. The main church of the Holy Trinity and the Bell Tower of the Convent of San Francisco stand out, a symbol of Trinidad par excellence.

Staying in Trinidad: private houses

In Trinidad, we had half word of accommodation in the house of the Naranjo family, a taxi driver from the city. However, upon arrival, it turned out that a bathroom pipe had broken and we had to stay at the house of a cousin of hers and the truth is that we did not like it very much, it was the worst in Cuba, it was called El Mojito or something like that.

Since I didn’t like that very much, here is a link to other accommodations in Trinidad that will be better.

In any case, it is not that the house was horrible, but I do not recommend it, better find another one here.

So that you can laugh for a while, I’m going to show you the one that I told you that I stayed. The room was very very small (I still start to remember the decoration, everything in green, including a curtain to cover the air conditioning and a  Barbie dressed up with the scrap that was leftover and that still gives me chills hahaha). But hey, I must say that for one night it is not a drama, although, by comparison, I do say that I did not like it as much as others. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Eating in Trinidad Cuba

The Palate Sol Ananda

In Trinidad, I had dinner at this paladar and I loved it. It was an old colonial house located in one of the corners of the Plaza Mayor (specifically in Calle Real 45 ) that was still preserved as such, with all that this implies. You eat in the rooms as they should have been in their time. For example, I had a bedroom, and there was a table, between the bed and the wooden wardrobe, the decoration was undoubtedly fantastic and well priced.

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