The projector ACER Z850 Predator arrives to satisfy the most demanding gamers

If you are a heavy player and you demand the most and among the best higher, perhaps the Predator Z850 presented ACER interests you, yes, if you have the space at home to place and to show off the spectacular images that ensure we can provide… and if your pocket allows, of course.

And it is that these pages have seen a lot of projectors intended for home use, but what a device of this type oriented games? What is the difference brings about a normal one? Let’s see it in more detail…

The ACER Predator Z850 is, as we say, a focused use for games projector, so much so that as the name suggests as the firm has framed in the Predator line that includes desktop computers, laptops, monitors, tablets and accessories created strictly for games.

ACER Z850 Predator
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We are facing a projector that delivers pictures with a size of up to 120 inches with a resolution of 1.920×720 pixels in 24:9 format native and adapting it to if we want to 4: 3 and 16: 9 and all with a minimum distance of 18.5 inches, so we will not require a great distance placement.

The difference with other projectors is that the ACER Predator Z850 uses no mirrors system and passed to replace a lamp laser diode with a lifespan of up to30,000 hours (normal 20,000 hour mode) and able to provide images of up to3,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 100000:1.

In addition, the projector has an ECO mode that lowers brightness to 2,400 lumens also increase the life of the lamp, a longevity that on the other hand the manufacturer stands at about 20,000 hours.

We are facing the securing from ACER is the first laser HD projector with large image of the world designed for games also introduces technologies such as 3D Color Boost that promises better color performance in 2D images 3D and ACER Color Safe II to minimize muted colors in certain areas.

It is not for lack of connections

Regarding input connections offered are two analog connections RGB / components, a composite video connection, an HDMI port, an HDMI / MHL port for uploading images from mobile devices, an audio jack for PC, stereo RCA connector, a microphone jack and a USB port.

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And speaking of output options, we will not stay lame, they cover an analog RGB a (mini-B) connector, a PC audio, an Ethernet port for networking and RS232 (D-Sub).

The handicap offered, one of them, because everything will not be perfect, it is not VESA compatible, i.e. cannot ride it, like with other models, by supports of this type and n a wall or ceiling house or our business.

Price and Availability

For now it has not gone on sale, but you can make from the page to the pre-purchase price, yes, you’ll force scrape well the pocket, as no less than $ 5000 a cost may further increase as ACER offers wireless HD kit that will provide a wireless transmission of 1080p lossless image, thus avoiding the annoying cables. For more reviews visit

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