The checklist to check the quality of a garment when you go shopping

Surely thousand times, you doubt whether or not to buy a garment. You have loved its design, but once you have it in hand, you do not know if it’s worth buying or not. You have to think how to combine it, if you really put the garment or die of laughter in the closet unworn. It is also essential that l to pledge pass minimum standards of quality, because it is not a matter of buying something and that two days is to throw them away. Before shopping, check this checklist to make sure the quality of a garment.

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The tissue

No need to spend a lot to have a good garment. The quality of a garment is not always in relation to the price you pay, and one of the things that best show their quality is the material indicated on the label . Ideally, are natural fabrics such as cotton or wool, which last longer than acrylic fabrics are more comfortable to wear and are breathable. Still, not all types of cotton are equal and some are more resistant over time than others. Trust your touch, the thickness and density of the garment and garment weight in your hand.

Other fabrics like silk, can be very durable and quality, but require each wash do it in a dry cleaner can you not worth buying clothes. The same happens with sequins: They are beautiful, but if poorly sewn in two days you’ll be without them.

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The cut of the garment

A garment should be tight in the shoulders, waist or hip, but be fatal and appear cheap and vulgar as much as you paid for it. If you’ve infatuated with the garment you can always arrange to take sewing, but think before you buy.

To see if you comfortable and your size, move with the garment in the tester before checkout: crouch, move your arms, sit and see the pants, skirt or dress allows you freedom of movement.

Beware also shirts to they always unleashes the button on the chest area, necks too loose, with necklines that teach more than the minimum account, armholes too steep, etc. If you do not mind showing bra on, but if you boast of modesty, that bother you tie that continues to fall.

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Many garments are fatal topped, causing discussant which promptly. Look at the seams right and upside down to check for any faults or loose points, which are tight and online.

It is also important to look out for in the lining of the garment, usually a good indicator of the quality of it, because usually lined garments lay much better. The great couturiers always build a garment from the inside to the outside.

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The patterns must be aligned, and not be cut in the area of the seams. In fact, one of the best ways to know if a bag is fake or not checks whether the logo looks good or is cut off. If you buy a plaid shirt, look as is the pattern in his pockets, the neck or shoulders. If it’s a good garment, everything will be in place.

The wrinkles

Crease the garment in your hands, if too marked wrinkles remain, you had better forget it. When the use or wash the result will be too many wrinkles and a garment that seems poor quality and makes an ugly effect.

In short, it is looking at the garment twice before buying it , to notice what makes you feel, how you look with it, check labels and look at it as a whole, not only better you fell in love with first sight and then you regret your purchase.

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