Wrensilva Standard One, a beautiful cabinet classic flavor with a powerful integrated HiFi

Most of us do not have much space in our rooms to install equipment picture and sound, having to adapt it as best they can, in conventional furniture and shelves. However, some people can have a place to locate large consoles like the presents Wrensilva.

It is your model Standard One a wooden cabinet with classic and retro finishing touch that under his 162x51x72 cm has a team HiFi pre-installed, but space is left for us to add our own devices and components.

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It is handmade in San Diego, California, and inside we find a record player with built – in cabinet controls and speakers Wrensilva C80M classical two-way configuration in which it has opted for a woofer Peerless 8-inch 1 inch tweeter Vifa brand. Both are powered by an amplifier 300 watts.

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Connectivity is included Bluetooth compatible APTX, optional WiFi via Sonos Connect for online streaming, an input jack 3.5 mm and three analog jacks to connect old sound equipment we have at home.

Additionally, the preamplifier output allows us to connect any modern AV receiver we want, then regardless of the integrated amplifier and using our own.

Price and Availability

The Standar One currently only sold in the United States and on request with delivery time of 8-10 weeks, as they have to end up as the final specifications of the customer, walnut or oak, for nothing cheap price US $6,950.

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