Teka adds a double cleaning system in its new oven to eliminate daily dirt, saving energy

The oven is one of the classic elements in our kitchens and perhaps, in certain users, one of the least used. The arrival of the microwave and the pace of life that we have been relegated to a secondary level that, however, does not mean that brands fail to launch improvements and new features.

And that’s what the firm Teka has done in its new oven, the iOVEN P, seeking to make life easier for its users. And no, it is not about modern methods of control or connections to the connected home, but about something as simple as how easy it is to clean the oven. Something so simple and so complicated to carry out.

Teka iOVEN P

And is that the new Teka oven has introduced the DualClean dual self-cleaning system that combines water and fire. The objective is to save time and energy when cleaning the oven after having used it for hours.

The new system system has two different options to clean the inside of the oven. On the one hand is Hydroclean a system designed for daily cleaning that facilitates the elimination of daily fat and dirt. Its operation is very simple, you just have to put a glass of water in the oven and press the corresponding function.

Along with this method is one already known as pyrolysis, which uses heat to eliminate the remains of the dishes that we prepare and that are trapped inside the oven.

Teka iOVEN P

In this case the pyrolysis is activated by pressing a button, achieving very high temperatures, close to 500ยบ with which to convert the remains into ashes that can then be easily removed once the oven has cooled down.

What differentiates these new furnaces is that cleaning is automatic, without the user having to intervene more than to press the button. For this, it offers 3 different cleaning programs depending on the degree of dirt: 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

The iOVEN P also offers a 5-inch color TFT screen that offers access to 50 pre-programmed recipes to facilitate the preparation of the dishes. In addition, it has the energy classification A +, which achieves savings of up to 20% compared to class A.

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